On Trend Wedding Inspiration for your 2022 Ceremony

2022 wedding trends are a hot topic right now because we’re finally able to fully celebrate after 2 long years! So, to help you plan your super fun wedding, we’ve compiled a list of fire on trend wedding inspiration!

Destination Weddings

destination weddings - a plane flying over the ocean
Photo by Angela Compagnone

Everyone has been itching to travel over the past two years but with travel restrictions, getting out of the country has been a lofty task. Now that travel restrictions are waning and the pandemic is finally cooling down, it’s the perfect time to plan a destination wedding! Give yourself and your loved ones a much needed vacation and enjoy some much deserved new scenery by planning a wedding out of the country (or at least away from home)!

Back Garden Weddings

on trend wedding inspiration for 2022 - back garden weddings
Photo by Victoria Priessnitz

While some people are itching to travel, others have grown accustomed to the intimacy of spending time with only close friends and family. For this reason, back garden weddings have been and will continue to be a major trend in the 2022 wedding space. If you’d prefer to keep your ceremony and reception small, then a back garden wedding may be just what you’re looking for!

We personally love the back garden wedding trend not only because it provides a genuine sense of closeness to your wedding guests, but also because back garden weddings embrace nature as a decorative element. If you’d like a few tips on how to plan your own back garden wedding, we’ve got you covered!

Unique Tablescapes

boho tablescape at outdoor summer wedding
Photo by Jonathan Borba

Unique tablescapes are a must on our list of 2022 on trend wedding inspiration. From elegantly styled grazing tables to reception tables topped with sculptural details, unique tablescapes will not only make your wedding more unique, but they will also make your wedding more instagrammable! So, if you’re hoping to encourage guests to take more photos or you just want to make your wedding decorations more unique and personalized, unique tablescapes may be just what you need. 

Black Tie Dress Codes

black tie dress code - on trend wedding inspiration for 2022
Photo by Alvin Mahmudov

Tying back to the fact that everyone has basically been isolating themselves for the past two years, no one has had much of an opportunity to get all dolled up! Who wouldn’t miss nights of glam and glitz after spending almost two years in pajamas and athleisure wear? For this reason, more 2022 weddings are opting for a Black Tie Dress Code. Give your guests a reason to whip out their fanciest outfits–we’re sure they’ll appreciate the opportunity!

Alternative Flower Girls

bride and groom with dog as alternative flower girl
Photo by Vasylyna Kucherepa

This trend truly speaks for itself. I mean, it’s all in the title, isn’t it? What’s more fun than an alternative flower girl? Invite your grandmother, aunt, sister-in-law, dog, or even brother to be the flower girl at your wedding for a more non-traditional approach. Not only will it help you include someone in the wedding that you may not initially have been able to, but it will also put a smile on all of your guests’ faces when they see someone unexpected throwing rose petals as they walk down the aisle. 

Elaborate Cocktails and Small Plates

blush pink cocktails
Photo by Alexandra Golovac

Craft beers and buffets are so 2020, but we’re definitely not judging you if you still love a good IPA or unlimited buffet. We do too! But, we’ve officially entered the age of craft cocktails and small plates and we’ve learned quickly–the more personalized the better!

We’re always looking for ways to make our weddings unique. Having a signature cocktail is the perfect way to infuse a little bit of your personality or your essence into your wedding reception. Maybe you’ll make your cocktail of choice the first drink you and your now-husband sipped on the night of the proposal. Or maybe you’ll choose a cocktail that you both fell in love with and learned how to make while bonding at home throughout the pandemic. Whatever you choose, it will not only be delicious, but it will also make your guests feel like they’re closer to you because they’re getting to sip on your favorite drink!

Small plates are also on our list for on trend wedding inspiration in 2022 because so many couples are trying to make more sustainable decisions. We love an eco-friendly wedding! So, to avoid food waste, many couples are opting for customized small plates for guests! Bonus points if you make your small plates super personalized. We’re thinking: the first meal you ever shared together or a date night splurge the two of you like to make! These personal touches will let your guests in on your relationship and feel even more connected to you both.

Unexpected Moments and Specialty Vendors

fire dancer as an unexpected moment at your wedding
 Photo by Alexandre Castro

2022 wedding trends are all about upping the “wow” factor of your wedding to make it the most memorable party anyone has been to since before the pandemic! We’re all itching to party, so make your wedding as spectacular and unforgettable as possible with unexpected moments and specialty vendors. What do we mean by that? Well, we were thinking fire breathers, live painters, hired dancers, a firework display, or even aerialists, but that is by no means a comprehensive list!

Sustainable Choices

dried flowers as wedding bouquet
Photo by Hannah Busing

Circling back around to the idea of choosing small plates for your wedding reception, we believe that making sustainable choices in general will be a trend in 2022. There are so many ways that you can make sustainable decisions while planning your wedding. To name a few: Opt for vintage when choosing a wedding dress or wedding jewelry, rent decor rather than buying it, support a sustainable local florist and compost your stems after the ceremony, skip the buffet to avoid food waste, or opt for a charity registry.  

Introducing and Reconnecting with Everyone

wedding guests cheersing at wedding
Photo by Al Elmes

Because so many of us have gone such long periods of time without seeing extended family or out of state friends, a big priority in 2022 is reconnecting now that we’re able. So, to stay on trend while planning your wedding, use Guestie to reconnect and introduce guests before your ceremony. 

With Guestie, your guests will be able to skip the small talk when they arrive and get straight to partying and celebrating. Guestie’s  guest tags will allow your guests to see who they have something in common with while the Name Game will help them put a face to a name before they even meet. Have fun creating personalized profiles for each of your guests so that they can learn more about each other and spark connections across your friend and family groups. 

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