One Easy Step Is Your Way to a Better Wedding Day

You want your wedding day to be the most fun, wondrous experience of your life! Guestie is designed to be the digital party starter that gets you and your guests mingling before the big day, so when your wedding arrives, everyone can’t wait to celebrate your special day together. You’ll feel the difference with a more connected, excited vibe, right from the start of the ceremony. 

We decided to break down the Guestie experience in a bunch of fun ways, to show how easy it is to use, and how beneficial it can be. Ready to take your wedding day from nice to unforgettable? Let’s go. 

You, the couple

Situation: You don’t want to spend most of your wedding day making introductions. Trying to keep everyone involved in the celebration isn’t your vision of a perfect wedding day.

Guestie Solution: Leave the intros to Guestie. By the time your wedding rolls around, your loved ones will already know who all your other guests are. They’ll be making conversation and keeping the energy elevated throughout the celebration, without you having to lift a finger. 

Your Friends & Family
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Situation: They’ll make some small talk to the person seated next to them, but might not mingle outside their circle. You don’t want awkwardly silent tables, but not everyone at your wedding has met.  

Guestie Solution: Even your most introverted guests will feel comfortable with Guestie’s virtual introductions. Guests can use the Guestie Guest Gallery to get to know everyone on your guestlist. It turns a room full of strangers into a group of friends. They’ll be less focused on cold intros and more centered on celebrating you.

Your Out of Control Seating Chart 
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Situation: Stressing over your seating chart? Putting people together that do not know each other can be a challenge. You want to mix things up but not have anyone feel left out with a table full of strangers. 

Guestie Solution: Guestie takes seating chart pressure away! With everyone getting to know each other before your wedding day, you’ll eliminate the daunting concern on every guest’s mind: “I hope I’m sitting with someone I know!” Turn seating assignments into a fun chance to meet and mingle.

Your Friend that Keeps Asking to Help 
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Situation: Do you have a friend or family member begging to help with the wedding, but you don’t know what to delegate to them? 

Guestie Solution: Invite them to help you set up your wedding page on Guestie. It’s virtually effortless and they’ll feel super included and helpful! Plus they’ll be an expert in your guestlist, which could become super helpful as your wedding date approaches. 

Your Calendar Screaming You Already Have Enough to Do 
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Situation: You already have so much to plan, you might be wondering: “Is there time for Guestie?”

Guestie Solution: We designed Guestie to be effortless. Just upload your guestlist and invite guests. There’s nothing for them to download and they don’t even need to create another account. Your guests get to start meeting and mingling virtually, building up the excitement for your celebration without any more effort on your part.

Making your wedding day more fun and heightening the celebration is your top wedding priority. And with Guestie you can make that happen with little time invested. It’s probably the most game changing five minutes of wedding planning you’ll spend.

Your Un-Tech Savvy Guests 
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Situation: You’re hesitant about sending loved ones to yet another website for your wedding. You don’t want to leave out those relatives who aren’t the most tech savvy. 

Guestie Solution: Guestie makes it SUPER easy. Here’s how:

-You can use Guestie to easily invite guests to your Guestie event via a text link.

-There’s no app for guests to download. Our mobile-friendly profiles are designed to be guest-friendly.

-There’s no need for guests to register or create separate passwords they might lose. Guests easily login with their cell phone number and enjoy Guestie with a tap.

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Guestie helps you create a more connected, more personal wedding experience. Sign up now so you and your guests can start the celebration today. All it takes is a quick upload of your guestlist to kickstart the party. Think of Guestie like the pre-game to the wedding of your dreams.   

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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