Our Favorite 2022 Wedding Trends

2022 Wedding Trends

The best 2022 wedding trends is a topic lots of couples are searching about in the early parts of the new year. Maybe you got engaged over the holidays (congrats!) or you are finally ready to say “I do” after years of postponements. 

Needless to say the last few years have been a wild ride for the wedding industry. Today, many wedding experts are hopeful that 2022 will give couples a chance to finally have the wedding of their dreams. This year’s trends certainly focus on the things couples have missed out on these last few years. We’ve learned how to stay flexible, focus on what really matters more and make the most of our time together. It’s time to celebrate, so let’s get to some of our favorite wedding trends for 2022. 

2022 Wedding Trend #1: Prioritizing Guests

This year the name of the game is making your guests feel special! A wedding’s main focus should be the people getting married, but that doesn’t mean that guests should feel left out. The more fun and engaged guests are, the more amazing energy you’ll experience.  

A great way to make guests feel important is to include interactive elements to your wedding. Couples are pulling away from formalities that aren’t important and instead opting to include more games, activities and time on the dance floor! 

Don’t forget to upload your guest list to Guestie to create the ultimate feeling of guest connectedness. Here, your guests will get to know everyone who’s attending your wedding, can participate in message boards and even request songs right on your Guestie page. It’s a fun, virtual way to get the anticipation for your big day started right now. 

2022 Wedding Trend #2: Weekday Weddings

2022 is expected to be one of the busiest wedding seasons on record! There is a bottleneck of reservations from people who have been postponing their wedding due to Covid so people trying to make new reservations may have to get creative. Since many weekend dates throughout the year are already booked, wedding experts are predicting that we are going to see a big increase in weekday weddings! 

These weddings can not only be an ideal way to make a wedding happen in 2022, but they can also be budget friendly, creating a shortened timeline that cuts out any downtime and narrows down the event to its most fun and memorable moments.

2022 Wedding Trend #3: Bigger Weddings

Many people have scaled back their weddings due to Covid. That process was very difficult for many couples and a return to bigger weddings is something everyone is looking forward to! Outdoor weddings will still most likely be suggested, but that just means more people! Take this opportunity to invite as many people as you want to your wedding. The more people, the more joy! 

2022 Wedding Trend #4: Ditching Things that Don’t Matter to the Couple

This is going to be the year of grabbing marriage traditions by the horns! Weddings should be personal and if there is a tradition you don’t like, get rid of it. 2022 is going to be all about re-evaluating tradition in the name of having your dream wedding. There are many wedding traditions that people find problematic or just flat out don’t resonate with them, and that is okay! Don’t like the garter toss? Nix it. A great alternative to a bouquet toss is to let guests take floral arrangements home. This day is yours and you shouldn’t participate in anything that doesn’t bring you happiness and meaning. 

2022 Wedding Trend #5: Staged Performances

In the last few years, we’ve missed out on concerts, festivals and lots of performances (it’s caused us to save a bit of cash too in the process). A huge trend for 2022 is going to be couples splurging on lavish performances that all the guests will want to pull out their phones to record. You can expect to see a lot of live music, live DJing and family performances. Many people are wanting to create moments at their wedding and a live performance is a great way to do that. We might even see magicians or acrobats! 

2022 Wedding Trend #6: Philanthropic Weddings

In 2022 we are going to see a lot of couples forgoing wedding gifts and asking for donations instead. The last few years have put a lot of things in perspective. Many people became involved with volunteer work and got invested in causes that are important to them. A lot of couples are going to use their special day to do some good! And we can’t think of a better trend than this. 

2022 Wedding Trend #7: Close to Home Destination Weddings 

Two years later, Covid is still complicating weddings. That means destination weddings have gotten even more complex. In 2022, there will be a movement for destination weddings that don’t require flying. With airports becoming more difficult to navigate, varying mandates and flight cancellations, flying is a stressful transportation option many couples are looking to avoid.  Keeping the wedding closer to home by renting out cabins in forests, famous breweries and other notable locations makes things easier to plan. It also ensures that more people are able to attend. 

2022 Wedding Trend #8: Going Electronic

Ready to ditch all of that paper clutter? So is everyone else! Expect to get a lot of e-vites for weddings this year as this is becoming one of the major 2022 wedding trends. Sending out physical thank you cards and invitations can be expensive and time consuming. This trend has been gaining momentum with the eco-friendly movement, but is seeing unprecedented popularity this year, particularly as electronic invitations become fancier and more elaborate. Many people are even switching over to electronic dinner menus and programs as a convenience for their guests (and the trees saved!)

Did you know your guests can easily use a custom Guestie QR code during your wedding day? You can add the code to your programs or table seating cards. Guests can scan and quickly pull up the entire guest gallery! No more wondering who’s who at weddings anymore!  

2022 Wedding Trend #9: Video Becomes a Priority

We live in the age of video calls and weddings are no exception. Wedding photographs are always popular, but this year people will be opting for more videos. Many people will live stream their weddings this year for families who cannot make it. There will also be a lot more couples who choose to record their whole wedding and have the film edited professionally. Couples are looking to improve on the home video weddings they saw as a child and now is the perfect time to do it.

2022 Wedding Trend #10: Sustainable Practices

Eco-friendly practices have always been around, but this year it will find a spot among the top 2022 wedding trends! Sustainable practices have always been a personal favorite and many couples feel the same way. Now that sustainable materials and practices have been made widely available, there will be a huge uptick in couples who want to incorporate them into their weddings. Biodegradable confetti and upcycled/thrifted wedding dresses are just a few things you can look forward to this season.

2022 Wedding Trend #11: Dressed Up, More Formal

Casual weddings had their time in the spotlight but plenty of people are ready to get dressed up again. After spending two years working from home in our pajamas, couples are wanting a more elegant dress code at their weddings. You won’t see many short, simple dresses or shirts without jackets this year. Expect a lot of black tie weddings with elevated dress codes. 

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