Our Favorite Destination Wedding Location Ideas

Are you planning a destination wedding? If you are, we’re jealous. Bonus points if you’re heading abroad! 

We know that choosing a location for your destination wedding can be overwhelming because, well, there are SO many options! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite locations to help you narrow down your search. We’ve also included some of our favorite venues to host your celebration in these locations. Let’s get in to it!

Cabo, Mexico

destination wedding location cabo mexico
Zachary DeBottis

Cabo is a classic destination wedding location and if you’re trying to keep travel simple and…in North America, it’s a great choice! Skip the 12 hour flight to Europe and take a 3 – 6 hour flight down to our southern neighbors for some time in the sun with friends and family!

Cabo Wedding Venues:

The Cape:

The Cape is a Thomson Hotel with absolutely gorgeous views. Say your vows on the beach or on one of their gorgeous, oceanfront terraces. You’ll never want to go home!

Flora Farms:

If you’re more in the mood for a farm vibe or rustic wedding over a beachfront celebration, Flora Farms is the perfect venue for you. With over 25 acres of active farm land, Flora Farms offers absolutely gorgeous views and plenty of space to spread out. Commune with nature during your I do’s–then you and your guests will dance the night away under a canopy of lights in this rustic chic oasis. 

Acre Baja:

Again, if you’re looking to keep the sand OUT from between your toes, this is a great tropical  option. Think glamorous poolside vibes. Acre Baja is an incredibly peaceful venue–you can even stay the night in one of their treehouses if waking up to a light breeze and birdsong sounds like your cup of tea!

Edinburgh, Scotland:

edinburgh scotland destination wedding location
Alexander Bobrov 

If you’ve got the budget, Edinburgh Scotland is one of the most gorgeous destination wedding locations on earth. Surrounded by history and paved with cobblestone streets, Edinburgh feels like a totally different world. Having your wedding here will feel like having your wedding in an actual fairy-tale!

Edinburgh Scotland Venues:

Dundas Castle:

Want to feel like a princess (or queen) on your wedding day? What better place to have your wedding than an actual castle, then? Dundas Castle in Edinburgh is full of history, beautiful decor, and a gorgeous spiral staircase–perfect for before the wedding photos. 

The Caves, The Rowantree and Marlin’s Wynd:

Hoping to feel in tune with nature and super secluded on the day of your ceremony? Then The Caves venue may be just what you’re looking for. Jam packed with history–like the rest of this city–The Caves are a gorgeous, underground venue that will have you and your guests wondering if you’ve stumbled into a Disney movie!

The Doubletree by Hilton:

If you’re a city girl and you’re wanting a wedding with some amazing views, then party it up in the very center of the city at The Doubletree by Hilton. With floor to ceiling windows, you’ll have gorgeous 360º views of the entire city while you recite your vows. And think of the fun you’ll have with all your guests staying at the hotel together!

Banff Canada:

banff canada
Nick Valmores

The ultimate destination wedding location for nature lovers! Banff Canada has some of THE most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen. Cozy up next to a bonfire during your reception and whisper your “I do’s” under the secrecy of a waterfall. And then, once you’re done celebrating, spend the week camping and hiking with pals just so you can continue enjoying the views. You’ll never want to leave! 

AND, Canada is arguably one of the easiest “out of the country” weddings you can plan because it’s just a few hours north!

Banff Wedding Venues:

Fairmont Banff Springs:

Have you ever seen Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest hotel? If you’re a fan, then stop looking for a venue–you’ve found it. Fairmont Banff Springs looks strikingly similar to the Grand Budapest Hotel–minus the pink. This venue is hidden in the mountains, surrounded by trees, and looks like it has been a part of the scenery for as long as the clouds in the sky! 

Mount Norquay:

You’re in Banff, so you may as well embrace nature as a major part of your wedding theme and have your ceremony and reception on Mount Norquay at the Cascade Lodge! Say your “I do’s” in the company of local wildlife and make your way up the mountain with ease using their sightseeing chairlift!

St. Barths Island:

Who doesn’t dream of a beachy, tropical, island wedding? I know we do! And St. Barth’s is one of our fave spots to daydream about. And no it’s not because we’ve watched too much Real Housewives of New York…okay maybe it is! But it just looks so dreamy. Luxurious beachside villas, all inclusive resorts, and high-end boutiques? Where do we sign up??

St. Barth’s Wedding Venues:

Le Sereno:

If you’re looking for a laid-back, modern get-away on the island, Le Sereno is your spot. With gorgeous views, this all-inclusive resort will have everything you’re looking for available to you whenever you need it! Not to mention, this venue is LGBTQ friendly, which is always a major plus in our books!

Hotel Manapany:

Serene, exclusive, sophisticated and elegant, this venue is yet another that will make you feel like a Disney princess! At Hotel Manapany, you’ll not only have ocean front views, but you’ll also have access to their spacious sun deck and a view of their gorgeous tropical gardens! Truly a sight for sore eyes. 

Tuscany, Italy:

Fede Roveda

Italy is one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe, in our opinion, so of course we had to include it on our list of destination wedding locations. If you love pasta, wine, and historic city views, then Tuscany will be the perfect place for your destination wedding. We personally can’t get enough of the rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards, but we know there’s more to Tuscany than just its alcohol, so let’s talk about it!

Tuscany Wedding Venues:

Villa Cora:

Villa Cora is an absolutely stunning venue overlooking the Boboli Gardens. A unique and whimsical location for the couple that loves flowers, nature, and intimacy. The garden walls will protect you and your guests from the stares of onlookers while also providing you with a gorgeous, floral view!

Borgo Stomennano:

If you’re wanting a more low-key, country wedding, then Borgo Stomennano may be just the venue you were hoping to find. Its gardens look out over the Tuscan hills and its history is absolutely unmatched. Borgo Stomennano was built in 1059 on top of Etruscan and Roman ruins, so there’s plenty of history to enjoy and discover while you’re there!

Villa La Vedetta:

Looking for city views? Then Villa La Vedetta is more than likely the Tuscany wedding venue you’ve been searching for. This luxury hotel has a 5 star ranking and is located super close to the Piazzale Michelangelo. Close to the city center, this venue will provide you stunning views of Florence that you’ll never forget. 

Tuscany wraps up our list of destination wedding location ideas; however, if you could use additional tips on how to coordinate with guests, we highly recommend using Guestie. 

Guestie is an online platform helping couples introduce their guests, accept song requests, communicate with guests, and allow guests to get to know each other before the ceremony!

So, if you want to keep communication with guests while abroad simple, sign up for Guestie! You and your guests can use Message Board, to keep everyone on the same page, and as the host use Text Alerts! This feature will allow you to get in touch with guests in the blink of any eye if any delays or last minute changes come up!

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Best of luck planning and don’t forget to send us our invite once you’ve got the location nailed down!

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