Our Favorite Experiences for Wedding Guests in 2022

Wedding Guest Experience

Looking for ideas to enhance the experience for your wedding guests on your special day? We all know that weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom. Over the years, however, it has become increasingly common to see couples offer guests amazing experiences to allow them to feel special and every bit a part of the celebration. 

After all, your guests are your nearest and dearest family and friends. So you’ll want their experience to have magic and memorable moments too. And yours will be the wedding that people won’t forget! It doesn’t take million dollar weddings or week-long destination weddings to make this happen.  

Guest experiences include everything from interactive guest books to Vegas style games. Here are a few of our favorites from this year’s trendiest ideas!

Vegas, Baby!

While you might not fly your bridal party and guests out to Vegas, you can bring the experience to them! There are companies that rent out a variety of Vegas-style games like Black Jack, Craps and Poker. This is a great option if you have a larger budget and you want something very interactive for your guests. You will also need to set aside plenty of time for people to play! Shaking up your reception with something other than dancing can really set your wedding apart and make it feel even more special. An open bar or live performance can make this choice feel even more like Sin City. 

Honor Those Who are No Longer with Us 

A wedding is a day that is meant to be joyful, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the friends and family who have passed. There are many ways to honor loved ones including releasing balloons, butterflies or even saving a space for them in the seating charts. Including your guests in this event can make it something special. If you are having a beach wedding, guests can put messages on eco-friendly paper and release them into the ocean. Having guests light candles in remembrance is an easy way to include your guests as well. No matter what you choose to do, your guests will appreciate the sentimental moment.

Hire Food Trucks Instead of a Traditional Catering Company

Food trucks can be a fun, modern change in lieu of an outside catering company! If you want to give your guests more food options, you can even look into hiring multiple trucks. This allows you to let people pick their own food with a less restrictive menu. It can make figuring out food options easier if your family has a lot of dietary concerns. The biggest thing to consider will be space. This is ideal for outdoor weddings. It’s a unique novelty that is becoming more popular and your guests will be talking about it for years to come!  

Photo by Anthony Persegol on Unsplash

Wedding Guests Love a Luxe Lounge

People usually spend a lot of time sitting around and talking at a wedding. Why not take this down time and turn it into something memorable? Many rental companies stock trending furniture like elegant sofas and loveseats that will perfectly fit your decor theme. Include some tables for drinks and food and add throw pillows and blankets for comfort! This lets your guests know that they are free to be comfortable and kick back. Include a coffee table book that displays pictures of your couple’s story. This would be a great place to put your guest book as well, especially if you want your guests to leave notes or advice. 

Let your Guests Get Creative

Letting guests create something during your wedding keeps the reception from getting stalled out. DIY food bars have been popular for years (waffle bar, cupcake bar, popcorn bar for instance). Keep in mind that food isn’t your only option. Confetti bars make a great send off for the married couple and it gives guests the opportunity to be a part of the moment. You can also have guests create their own favors with bath bomb bars, succulent potting stations or DIY cocktail bars. Whatever kind of do-it-yourself you want to include, make sure that it’s age-appropriate for all guests or that you include something for younger guests to enjoy as well. 

Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

Have an After Party for Your Wedding Guests

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because the venue is closed! Having a second location to go to after the reception can be the perfect opportunity to let people continue to mingle and enjoy your special day. Keep the after-party optional and make sure your guests are aware of it beforehand, especially if they may need a change of clothes or shoes. 

If you’re having your wedding at a hotel, take advantage of it and rent out blocks of rooms. After-parties also give people more flexibility for attending your wedding. This is a great time to bust out the fast-paced dancing, catered fast food and even a mascot or two. There’s way less pressure for this part of the night, so sometimes couples and guests wind up having the most fun here. 

Digital Intros and Guestbook

Whatever fun you choose to bring everyone together, don’t forget to break the ice between guests well before the “I do’s.” Guestie is your digital party starter and virtual guestbook! The perfectly simple way to let your guests get to know one another before the wedding day begins. It’s fun, easy-to-use and designed to build amazing wedding day energy. Get your celebration started today! 

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