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Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Decor, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Fall is approaching quickly and there’s nothing we love more than a gorgeous, cozy fall wedding! Fall is a widely loved season with tons of fun seasonal traditions. If you’re looking to make your wedding guests feel special at your fall ceremony, consider planning some fall-themed experiences for them. There are SO many fun ideas for fall wedding guest experiences, so let’s go ahead and dive in!

Start With Seasonal Decor

Fall weddings are meant to celebrate and embody that warm, inviting spirit of the season! And at your wedding, the first thing that your guests will notice is your wedding decor. So, set the mood as soon as they walk in!

Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Decor, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Autumnal Arbors

If you want to make a lasting impression on guests and immediately set the tone for your fall wedding as soon as they walk through the doors of your venue, be sure to invest in one or two autumnal wedding arbors. Wedding arbors are perfect at the end of the aisle during your ceremony or at the entrance (or exit) of your reception. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they also help guide the guests throughout the venue and create division. Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding in a big, wide-open space! Furthermore, arbors are the perfect opportunity for you to add some extra florals to your wedding decor. And they provide a great photo op for guests after the ceremony!

Autumn Tablescapes

Another great way to embrace the season and wow guests while planning your fall wedding is by investing in gorgeous autumnal tablescapes. You can create autumnal tablescapes on reception tables, the bar, the catering table, the cake table, and just about any other flat surface you have access to! To create the perfect fall tablescape, we recommend utilizing pumpkins, gourdes, pampas grass, warm colors, and other seasonal items.

Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Decor, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Don’t Forget Fall Activities

Everybody loves wedding receptions! However, even at the best wedding reception, there’s still some downtime for guests. Instead of giving guests the traditional options of eating, drinking, or dancing, why not provide them with a few more fun fall-themed activities at your reception to keep them even more entertained?

Fall Themed Photo Booth or Photo Wall

One great way to make sure your guests are having a blast while still incorporating some seasonal fun into your wedding is by providing them with a fall-themed photobooth or photo wall. For your fall photo booth, consider including seasonal blooms, pumpkins, gourds, pampas grass, and maybe even some flannel fabric or hay! The same items can be used to stage a fall-themed photo wall in addition to a gorgeous fall backdrop. We love the idea of a relevant-to-your-wedding neon sign nestled amongst a wall of thoughtfully placed fall blooms! Click here to see our vision.

Ultimately, if you provide your guests a photo op–especially if it’s fall themed–they will absolutely love it.

Host a Bonfire and Make S’mores

One of our favorite fall activities is having a bonfire with s’mores. So, why not have one at your fall wedding? Bonfires are a great way for guests to connect more intimately or take a break from the dance floor. And s’mores are the perfect snack for a chilly fall evening. Whether you’re hosting an indoor fall wedding reception or an outdoor fall wedding reception, it doesn’t matter. If your indoor venue will allow it, you can make s’mores inside with a portable s’more maker like this one!

Offer a DIY Candy Apple Station

Candy apples are yet another classic fall tradition. So, instead of offering a traditional dessert bar at your wedding reception, consider swapping it out for a DIY candy apple bar! Provide guests with apples on sticks, melted caramel, and a host of different toppings to dip their apples into. To cut back on the mess, instead of offering full apples, you can offer apple slices. And if any of your guests are allergic to apples, that’s no problem, because they can just treat themselves to a slice of wedding cake.

Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Decor, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Add a Fall Themed Signature Drink or Two to Your Bar Menu

When we think of fall, our minds inevitably go straight to iconic Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Hot Chocolates, and Apple Ciders. There are so many amazing fall beverages–why not incorporate one or two into your drink menu to really embrace the season? We love the idea of adding a mulled wine, spiked apple cider, a hot toddy, or spiked hot chocolate to the menu. And we’re sure your guests will love them as well. Fall can be chilly, but a warm fall beverage will keep them toasty and cozy throughout your reception.

Send Your Guests Home with Goodies

Goodies make the heart grow fonder! Who doesn’t love receiving a takeaway bag after a wedding? They make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like fall bonfires! Below are a few things you can include if you choose to send guests home with fall-themed wedding favors!

Fall Wreath

A fall-themed wreath is an easy but thoughtful way to express your gratitude to guests for spending time with you at your wedding. Not only will it let them know that you appreciate their time, but it will also remind them of what an amazing time they had at your wedding every fall when they hang it up in their home. Your fall wreath favors can be as elaborate, simple, or as big as you’d like them to be! Regardless of how they look, we’re sure they’ll make your guests feel loved and appreciated.

Fall Candles

Fall scented candles are arguably the best. They’re a great addition to any fall wedding goody bag. Wedding guests will not only appreciate the thought, but they will also get use out of this wedding favor. Every time they light it, they will be reminded of the wonderful night they spent with you, your family, and friends celebrating your commitment to your partner.


Koozies are a super hot wedding favor to hand out because they’re cute, easy to buy in bulk, and last forever! You can hand koozies out after the wedding or you can keep them at the bar for guests to grab and keep when they get their first drink of the night. Koozies are also super easy to customize, so if you have a wedding hashtag or a cute phrase you’d like to add to your koozies, you can do so easily!

A Destination Wedding Welcome Bag

If you’re hosting a destination wedding or even if you’ve just got a ton of friends and family coming in town from afar, it’s a great idea to provide them with a welcome goody bag or basket! Since you’re having a fall wedding, make sure all of the goodies inside are seasonal. You can include all of the above as well as small thoughtful gifts that will make their stay more pleasurable. For example, we love the thought of including a fall-scented hand lotion, travel shampoo, conditioner, or bar of soap. If you want to go all out, you can gift them a bottle of mulled wine or a hot cider kit!

We hope that these fall wedding guest experience tips help hype you up for your super cute, cozy fall wedding! If you want to get even more excited about the wedding, scroll through our Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok for more wedding content while you count down the days until your fall wedding!

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