A Guide to Planning a Wedding in Nashville

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The A-Z guide to planning a fab wedding in Nashville!

Nashville is a city rich with its own culture of food, music, and art. And, if we’re being honest, it’s one of our absolute favorite cities! If you’re planning a wedding in Nashville, you’ll need to know all the best local businesses. We compiled a list that includes everything from ring shops to wedding venues, local restaurants, and must-sees for your bach party! If you’re ready to take the next step in planning your Nashville wedding, keep reading for more.

20 Jewelers & Engagement Ring Shops in Nashville

Are you still searching for the perfect jeweler or engagement ring shop in Nashville? Whether you are getting ready to pop the question or you are going ring shopping together, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best jewelers & engagement ring shops Nashville has to offer. We know how important it is to find an engagement ring that reflects your partner’s personality. So big “mall” jewelers did not make the list, #sorrynotsorry. It takes a personalized shopping experience to find the ring that’s going to make it official! We took an in-depth look at small businesses, family-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses. All in the Nashville area, all ready to provide you with the highest quality rings, and the best experience ever! Check out the complete list, right here!

15 Chic & Modern Nashville Wedding Venues

Finding a wedding venue will be one of the first of three steps when you begin planning your wedding in Nashville. The first three wedding vendors newly engaged couples typically go after are their wedding venue, photographer, and attire. Of course, not necessarily in that particular order. But finding an amazing wedding venue will be an endless stream of Googling and searching online for the perfect Nashville Wedding venue that suits your vision. One that will host your fabulous cocktail hour and provide space for that 360-degree photo booth you’ve been thinking about. Nashville is a sea of wedding venues that balance chic with modern and just the right touch of southern charm. We rounded up 15 of the most fab Nashville Wedding Venues, right here! And yes, the list includes wineries, mansions, venues with outdoor space, and the ones that positively scream “I’m getting married in Music City!

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15 Nashville Bridal Shops for a Unique Wedding Day Look

We didn’t include chain stores when we rounded up the best spots to shop for engagement rings, so you can absolutely bet they didn’t make this portion of the list either! Shopping at a Nashville bridal shop should be one of the best experiences of your life. Ok, maybe we’re being dramatic, but you get it. You need a Nashville bridal shop that can deliver a unique wedding day look and a personalized shopping experience! We put together a list of 15 Nashville bridal shops, and each and every one of them is just as amazing as the next. But, what they each do so wonderfully is serve up an insane variety of bridal styles. Boho, trad, designer, everything! You’re pretty much guaranteed to find a shop that fits your vision! Check out our list of  15 Nashville bridal shops, right here!

25 Places to Host Your Rehearsal Dinner in Nashville

We’re kinda big on rehearsal dinners around here. They are a fab pre-wedding experience and one you should definitely not skip over. Your guests will go from virtual introductions to meeting IRL and the air will be thick with the excitement of your upcoming wedding day. Fab drinks, amazing food, and fun entertainment in a private dining space? We are there! If you’re planning a wedding in Nashville, you’re going to need an equally amazing location to host your rehearsal dinner! Whether it’s a dinner that includes you, your partner, and your wedding party, or your entire guest list, we put together a list of 25 of the most amazing restaurants in Nashville to host your rehearsal dinner. We included options with private & non-private dining. You can read the complete list, right here!

How to Throw a Bomb Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville is a city full of pure magic. It’s the perfect spot for a weekend of dancing, cocktails, and live music. Or, a weekend with spa treatments and shopping. Nashville is a top choice of location for throwing a bach party and it’s definitely earned a spot as one of our favorite bach party spots in the US. If you want to throw a bomb bach party in Nashville, we looked at the best places to stay, where to eat & drink and some of our favorite things to do. If you’re curious to see which Honky Tonk made it to the top of our list, you can check it out all out in this guide! Y’all will be partying from dusk ‘till dawn, cowboy hats are not required but highly encouraged!

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Your Guide to Taking a Mini Honeymoon in Nashville

Are you thinking about squeezing in some quality newlywed time in Nashville before jetting off to your destination honeymoon? Planning a mini honeymoon in Nashville for the few days after your wedding is a great way to de-stress while activating your best version of vacation mode. If you’re planning a Nashville wedding day, a mini honeymoon is a fab way to soak up all the city has to offer and act like a tourist. Planning a mini honeymoon in a fab town like Nashville takes knowing exactly where to spend those precious two to three days. We rounded up where to eat & drink, as well as things you absolutely have to see in order to take a fun mini honeymoon in Nashville! Want to read our guide to taking a mini honeymoon in Nashville? You can find it all, right here!

That was our guide to planning the most amazing Nashville wedding of your dreams! If you need even more inspiration to plan the fab wedding of your dreams, check out some of the most recent trending topics on our blog!

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