Your Post-Pandemic Wedding Reboot

post-pandemic wedding

It’s your post-pandemic wedding celebration. Your wedding round two! You’re probably thrilled to finally get the opportunity to celebrate with all of your loved ones. But there also might be some nagging questions. Will guests attend a second wedding if you already tied the knot? Are they going to be as excited for a sequel if you already got hitched? 

This is uncharted territory for everyone, so it’s a challenge to navigate through. Never in the history of modern weddings has there been such a need for wedding sequels. Maybe you eloped at a courthouse? Maybe you Zoomed your vows to a big group of virtual guests. Whatever your nuptials looked like, there’s plenty of opportunity now to get the celebration you always wanted. 

So how do you knock your post-pandemic wedding celebration out of the park? We have some ideas.

The Formula for Getting Guests Excited: Guestie  

Guestie is just the solution to get guests reinvested in your big day! Creating your wedding event in Guestie helps recharge the energy. Here’s a few ways:

Give them a reason to get excited. If you’re looking for a way to reignite the excitement of your wedding, Guestie is the perfect way to spark the party. Creating your online event here on Guestie sets the stage for the celebration to come.

End Guests’ Confusion

Guestie solves the communication gap, in a fun, social way. They can log on, see updates and info and also mingle around to virtually meet other guests.

Cure the awkwardness of “not another mailing!” 

Are you cringing at the thought of needing to send guests yet another announcement? Have no fear, Guestie makes it easy. Invite your guests to view your digital event gallery and they are greeted with a multitude of fun, online features. 

Express yourself

Guestie gives you the chance to write a personal note to introduce your guests to the rest of your attendees. Tell them what they mean to you, why you can’t wait to celebrate with them, and what them coming to your celebration means to you. 

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Reasons to Get Excited About Your Post-Pandemic Wedding Celebration

Even though this has been a crazy time, with wedding disappointment, stress, and uncertainty, there’s plenty to still be grateful for and so much to be positive about. We thought of a few good reasons to get excited:

Enjoy the party, TWICE!

The big celebration might be a year overdue, but how many couples before 2020 got to have two weddings?

You aren’t alone.

Some surveys estimate 1 in 3 couples who got married during the pandemic will be hosting a bigger full-scale celebration this year

Your wedding will be one for the history books

You’ll look back and have an awesome story for the grandkids of how your wedding happened…and happened again. 

WAY less pressure. 

Your post-pandemic wedding celebration is going to be all about celebrating. Couples are feeling this sense of relief. Without so much riding on the big day, you’re freed up to let your creativity and self-expression shine. You want trapeze dancers and fruit instead of cake? Nobody’s going to bat an eye after the year we’ve gone through.

Your anniversary is a great reason to celebrate

You can totally use your anniversary as a segue into a post-pandemic wedding reception. 

It’s not as uncommon as you might think

Remember, It’s not uncommon globally for couples to have two different ceremonies, one that’s official and legally binding, and one that’s just a big party. You’re in good company. 

Your post-pandemic wedding isn’t tied down by tradition. 

You may have said your vows and cut some cake, so now you get to decide what goes into your celebration. You can include vows or not, it’s totally up to you!

Your guests are waiting for this moment!

Your guests have as much cabin fever as you do. They want NEED a party to look forward to. Most of us can’t remember when we last wore a fancy wedding guest outfit. You’re giving us something to look forward to.

This day can be about you and your loved ones. 

Think of all the people in your lives who have been there supporting you both, cheering you on and being there when you need them. Without some of the wedding day jitters getting in the way, you can truly take the time to thank and acknowledge them. 

We know this has been a challenging time, but you’re going to get the day you dreamed of. And, the best part is you’ll be celebrating with the people you care about the most. 

Guestie helps you create a more connected, more personal wedding experience. Sign up now so you and your guests can start the celebration today. All it takes is a quick upload of your guestlist to kickstart the party. Think of Guestie like the pre-game to the wedding of your dreams.  

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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