Spring Wedding Details for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

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Want your spring wedding photos to be impeccably gorgeous? There are so many elements and planning details that you have up-level when it comes to a spring wedding to make your wedding day photos pop, and create an unforgettable wedding day experience not only for you, but also for your guests. We’re breaking down some of our favorite spring wedding details for gorgeous wedding photos, in this post!

Your Venue

Your wedding date is not officially secured until your venue is booked! Making your venue the first stop when booking your wedding vendors. Also making it a highly important choice to create an unforgettable wedding day experience and kind of a big deal when it comes to your photos, especially if you choose to book a multi-functional wedding venue! Meaning that your ceremony, cocktail hour, portraits, and reception are all hosted in one spot! If you’re still searching for the perfect venue for your wedding, we have a whole blog post dedicated to finding the perfect spring wedding venue, right here!

Wedding Party Attire

Familiar with the term mix and match when it comes to selecting wedding party attire? Ditch the mix and match, which let’s face it is just another way to pull off matchy-matchy, and go for one of two “themes”. For amazing photos from your spring wedding, you want to go for attire for your wedding party that is in complimentary tones or silhouettes, meaning no two people are wearing the same exact cut or color. Or something that is a 100% match across the board. The same goes for any wedding day florals that your wedding party will be wearing or carrying. Stick with florals in an array of complimentary tones to their attire, or stick with a 100% monochromatic match.

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Guests in “dress code”

Yes, you can very politely ask your guests to arrive on your wedding day wearing a specific color. Or you can very politely ask your guests to arrive on your wedding day NOT wearing a specific color or set of colors. This can be done by including an “attire” card in the invitation suite when you mail it out. And by creating open discussions on the wedding board of your Guestie event.

Through your message board, you’ll be able to get a bit more literal with your requested dress code by sharing links to clothing choices you love or Pins that show off mood boards for the style that you’re aiming to achieve on your wedding day. You might be wondering if you can pull off this request without sounding like a “Zilla” of some sort. But, we say yes, for a few reasons. One, your guests will be part of your wedding day experience from the very beginning because they’ll be immediately drawn in by planning out what to wear. Second, your guests will be in MANY of your wedding day photos throughout your ceremony & reception. and everybody wants to be looking and feeling their absolute best at such a milestone event!

Say It With Accessories

We’re kind of detail-obsessed when it comes to weddings! Isn’t that one of the fun things about planning your wedding? You can approach every single piece of your wedding day attire with intention and meaning! Spring weddings are the perfect time to infuse textured detailed accessories with fun prints, pops of color, or embroidered details. We love veils with lacy floral details. Vintage heirloom pins for the lapel of your attire or affixed to boutonnieres or bouquets.

A spring wedding is also a fun time to play around with floral headbands and hair pieces (real or faux, it’s up to you)! Plus, you’ll need something to carry your stuff in for the day so fantastic clutches, wallets, and purses with details that match your theme and color palette also make great props for your wedding portraits! Want to make your footwear for the day fun? We have major heart eyes for velour loafers, shoes with delicate bows, floral printed platforms, comfy slip-ons, and rain boots!

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Escort Cards

We’ve watched escort cards go from folded pieces of paper with guests’ names and table numbers on them to so many amazingly creative ideas that it would be hard to list them all here! For spring weddings, we love escort card ideas that play on the elements of the season. Think escort cards on small stakes “popping” up from a flower pot. Escort cards with a small or micro floral attached for each guest. Escort cards that are “strung up” like a vintage clothing line, and, one of our favorites, a hand-calligraphed seating chart on a gorgeous oversized piece of acrylic that is accented by lights or heaps of floral garland! Coincidentally, a seating chart also makes a great first gathering place prior to the start of your reception to get those in real-life conversations started!

Balloons & Lanterns

Spring weddings are an amazing time to add some fun and whimsy to your best day ever. Yes, balloons are allowed at weddings, no, they are not tacky. Yes, you may hear some popping throughout the night if you decide to have the balloons sort of scattered throughout your event or otherwise accessible to guests.

But there are a few ways to avoid the agitation of popping! One is by using an affixed balloon arch. You can work with a designer to create a custom balloon arch to display. Balloon arches make great backdrops at your ceremony, gorgeous frames for the entrance to your reception, and great photo ops when displayed behind your sweetheart table!

The second is way to add some whimsy to your spring wedding is with the use of lanterns. Boho lanterns or lantern lights, they both look amazing in wedding photos and work wonders for transporting your guests for a fully immersive experience. But, we have to say it, whatever you decide in the balloon & lantern department, remember not to release anything into the sky. We know you have the best of intentions and want to symbolize your union, but we also want to be as eco-friendly as possible!

Cake Table

So much planning goes into selecting the perfect spring wedding cake! Which usually leaves the decor of the cake table, as an afterthought. Your cake table is an amazing opportunity to up-level your wedding day photos! We’ll share a few ways with you, that doesn’t include displaying the serving knife. The first way is with fresh flowers! Small arrangements can be made by your floral designer specifically for the cake table.

Also, a gorgeous, detailed cake stand also goes a long way for unforgettable photos of your wedding cake. But what about your choice of linen for the cake table? Soft draped linens create texture giving your photos an ethereal vibe! Lights, laser cut signs, or a specialty table brought in by a vintage wedding rental vendor? All amazing choices! Your cake will be photographed before during and after being cut. So don’t skip over this focal point of your wedding day! Are you planning on having a full dessert table? Use risers to create varying heights for the desserts displayed around the cake. This will keep your desserts accessible to guests and aesthetically pleasing & delightful!

Flower Wall Selfie Station or Backdrop

Are you having a photo booth? If not, we’ve broken down 9 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding, in this post! A photo booth is also a great area to infuse the color palette and decor of your wedding day. Bonus, it’s also an experience that produces photos that your guests will get to keep for themselves forever, to commemorate your wedding day. So an amazing backdrop at your photo booth is a great way to make sure those photos are top-notch and your guests are having a great time.

We love flower walls, but if you don’t have Kim K’s budget (and who does really!?) you can rent a faux floral wall to use as a backdrop for your photo booth! Conversely, if the photo booth idea is completely off the table for you, you can also set up a selfie station or photo spot for your guests by renting a backdrop and displaying it in an area that they can access throughout the evening!

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