De-Stress Your Wedding Guest Seating Chart

There’s lots of decisions to make for your wedding day, but your wedding guest seating chart doesn’t have to stress you out. Yes, getting all of your circles together in one place can feel a bit overwhelming. How many people have never met? Will they have anything to talk about? Who is going to introduce them? What happens if someone at a table doesn’t know anyone else? Will your family be happy with where you’ve seated them? It can get a little crazy trying to figure it all out. 

DEEP BREATH. We’re here to remind you, everyone is coming to your wedding to celebrate and support YOU. You’re going to have a fabulous day no matter where you seat your friends and family!

With that in mind, we’ve got some thoughts on making the seating chart process easier.  

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OMG Tables Can Get to Know Each Other Before the Big Day?

Revolutionary, right? We know, this is super exciting. Now, there won’t be those cold openings over the salad course, trying to remember names with so much going on. You can’t be everywhere to make intros (and that’s not how we want you spending your wedding day anyway).  

With Guestie guests can browse guest profiles, learn names and faces and see who they have things in common with. You can easily create Tags for each table so there’s a fast and easy way for each guest to see who they’ll be sitting with. Can it get any easier? Imagine all your guests excited to see their new friends rather than anxiously scanning tables to see what strangers they’ll be stuck with. You know that feeling, it isn’t fun.  

Throw out the Need for a Seating Chart 

One option more and more couples are going with is to skip the seating chart altogether. Many times this is spurred by more communal dining at farmhouses and outside spaces. Here, everyone is essentially sitting together so there’s no need for pre-planning and matching guests up to sit together. 

One common concern of this type of seating arrangement is that the two sides of the family will not mix and you’ll end up with people naturally gravitating to sitting with the people they know. It can become tricky! Where do your co-workers sit? What about single people and others who don’t know many people on the guestlist? 

In that way, Guestie can be the great wedding guest equalizer, getting everyone familiar with each other so they have more reasons to sit together than “I’m related to them.” 

Photo credit: Rachel L’Antigua

What’s In It For You?

This is all great for guests, but how is Guestie going to help you experience your dream wedding? That’s a simple equation. Connected and comfortable guests bring the celebration that you’ve always envisioned. Getting them acquainted and mingling before your big day means they’ll be coming into the party ready to celebrate. You know how every wedding doesn’t seem to really get going until the last few songs are being played, when all the guests have fully relaxed and let loose? Yeah, you want that feeling right from the start. And this is how you get it. There’s only a few hours to celebrate, why waste any of them on intros and awkwardness. Guestie helps you get that amazing wedding energy right from the first moments. 

Tags Make Things More Fun

Okay, ready for this, because it’s going to be revolutionary. 

Guestie tags make it fast and easy for people to see who they have something in common with. Maybe they’ll see who the diehard local sports fans are or who does yoga. You can add any number of tags you want to completely customize your guestlist.  

So what kind of tags should you include? We’re glad you asked. Here’s our fun list of inspiration ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Of course, you can use whatever tags you want. You’re sure to think of some fun and creative ones. And when you do, share them with us! We’d love to see what you come up with.

60+ Tags to Bring Your Guestlist to Life

We Are Family

Immediate family

Extended family

Step Family




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People From Our Past

College Friends

Camp Friends

Childhood Friends




Special People

Members of the Wedding Party


Former Coworkers

Best Friends

Gaming buddies


Family friends

Parents’ friends

Siblings’ friends

Plus One’s

Out-of-Towners (Everyone will know who might need a little more help navigating around town) 

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Industry-Specific Tags 

Meet others in your field, this list could go on and on, for instances: 

Healthcare workers

IT professionals 

Marketing managers  

Like-Minded Guests Can Make it Easy to Connect

Travel Locales (connects guests that have shared travel experiences)

Sports Team Fans (guests can link up with others that share their love for a particular team)







Alma Maters 

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Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Think how much fun two crochet-addicts will have meeting each other or how much beer lovers will have to chat about when they know they share common interests.

Craft Beer Club

Whiskey Lovers



Wine Enthusiasts




Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava
Interests Make Us Interesting


Car Enthusiasts

Outdoor Lovers

Dog Owners

Cat People

Exotic Pet Parents


Book Lovers

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Fitness Fans 

We know how much people love talking about their workouts and diets, now you can give each wedding guest some help finding their squad



Club Keto


Zumba dancers

Social dancers


Pop Culture Can Bring Us Together


Sci-Fi Fans

GOT Obsessed

Harry Potterheads

Netflix Chillers

Podcast People

Your options could go on and on and the great thing is you or your guests can add tags with just a couple of clicks (literally less than 30 seconds!) So you’re only limited by everyone’s imagination. Tags are the ultimate short-cut to awesome conversations, a unified spirit on your wedding day and guests that will bring the party to your celebration. 

Create your connected, fun, and personal wedding experience using Guestie. Sign up and watch the friendships between guests blossom. It’s the perfect way to build that pre-wedding excitement to get the party started right from the moment you walk down the aisle.

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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