Take Your Bachelorette Party From Fun to Fantastic

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There I was, surrounded by women I had just met. Still trying to remember everyone’s names, cocktails were getting passed around and the awkward small talk began. There were 10 women in total at the bachelorette party and I knew two. One of the other women I knew, only knew me. So I realized quite quickly, we were going to be buds for the day. But I also didn’t want it to look like we weren’t mingling with the other ladies. 

This was my cousin’s dream party and I wanted it to be everything she always imagined. Lots of laughs, shenanigans, and generalized silliness. Nowhere did uncomfortable silences, low energy, or stilted conversations enter into that perfect party vision!

I could tell a few other guests didn’t know anyone else as well. I tried to mingle over their way. But not knowing anything about them or their relation to the bride-to-be, I struggled to strike up some chatter. Should I know who they are? Trying to act excited and like you’re all old friends for photos can get a bit exhausting. Ugh! What is this person’s name again??

Awesome Bachelorette Parties Don’t Happen By Chance

Most of us have been in an awkward party scenario like the one above. It’s no fun. In fact, it’s downright excruciating. That’s not what we want for your bachelorette party. You want all your guests comfortable so they can have fun being themselves and make those memorable moments happen just as you always dreamed. The secret sauce to finding that flow and awesome party vibe? It begins with your guests being connected and invested in the celebration. And that starts with breaking the ice and getting the intro’s taken care of before the party.

 Invite your wedding party to Guestie

YES, this is the first step that is going to make a HUGE difference in elevating the fun of your bachelorette party.

Here at Guestie, we usually focus on talking about what amazing transformations Guestie can do for the fun and social energy of your wedding celebration. But we don’t want to overlook what fabulous effects it can have for the fun of your bachelorette party.

Although we see lots of bachelorette party photos all over social media of smiling squads of girls who all look like lifelong best friends, the truth is, most bachelorette  parties are going to have a mix of women from a variety of your social circles. There’s your work friends, your girlfriends, the special women in your family, neighbors, and childhood friends — that’s a wide range of fabulous females to bring together and expect instant chemistry, laughs, and outrageous fun.

So here’s your secret sauce for getting just that level of amazing girlfriend magic to occur: Ask your bachelorette  party girls to be the first guests to join Guestie. 

In just three easy steps you can amplify the excitement of your bachelorette party

Step 1: Create your wedding event on Guestie and enjoy all the fun tools like message boards, text alerts, audio name pronunciation, and the Name Game. 

Estimated time: Less than 5 minutes

Step 2: Upload your guestlist. This part is super easy and we outline everything here.

Estimated time: 2 minutes

Step 3: Invite your bachelorette party girlfriends first. Give them the option to add in their photos, write in a message about how they know you and let them answer fun conversation starter questions. 

Estimated time: As fast as you can copy, paste, and shoot off an email. 

That’s it! Your girlfriends can get to know each other through their Guestie guest profiles, so when it comes time to celebrate at your bachelorette party, they won’t feel anything like strangers. 

Everyone Arrives as Friends Not Strangers

Think of how much more fun you’ll have when you won’t have to use the first 45 minutes of your special day making introductions that won’t get anyone any closer to getting to know each other. Bachelorette parties go by WAY too fast. Before you know it you’ll be saying your goodbyes. So why not make the most of your moments together. Don’t let anyone go into your fun day as a stranger. Guestie gives you the easy, no-hassle way to make your day even more fun. 

bachelorette party
Hook Your Bestie Up as Co-Host

Adding a good friend as admin to your Guestie event can help delegate some of your tasks. This is particularly helpful if your friend is helping put together your bachelorette party.. At the same time it’s a great way for your closest friends to personally get to know everyone on your guestlist! Not only will this work for your bachelorette party, but it’s how you’re going to make your wedding shower more fun as well! 

Your Bachelorette Party is Just the Beginning of the Fun

Let your closest friends lead by example and complete their Guestie profiles first. This is perfect because you know you can count on them to support and be there for you. They’ll be thrilled to be a part of your virtual wedding pre-game. Let them get the fun started and then not to be outdone, all your other friends and family will want to join in too.

Create a more connected, fun, and personal wedding experience using Guestie. Sign up and watch the friendships between guests blossom. It’s the perfect way to build that pre-wedding excitement to get the party started right from the moment you walk down the aisle.

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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