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Your wedding day is a heap of moving parts, timelines, and locations. So, how do you keep your guests engaged, immersed in your wedding day experience, and having as much fun as you? Text alerts! Nobody, and we mean nobody, wants to go to an event where they feel like they are not quite sure what’s going on and they are looking around to the crowd for cues. Your guests want to feel like they are your wedding day V.I.Ps, and kept in the know of what’s happening! Keeping your guests up to date throughout the day, without any confusion is easier than you think. And, it all happens with text alerts through your Guestie event! First things first, sign up for your Guestie event here, and then we’ll run through the ins & outs of text alerts for your wedding.

Who Sends the Messages?

Don’t add this to your never-ending list, in fact, don’t even think about anybody in your wedding party while we’re at it! This should be a trusted person, whether it’s your planner and their staff, or a close family member or friend. Somebody you can easily communicate with in advance, as well as throughout the day, and somebody you know who loves offering a helping hand whenever they can! 

We’ll run through some examples of text reminders that our couples have used for their wedding day, in the blog below!

Invite Everyone To Your Guestie Event

Your first rounds of text alerts should be invites that go out to your planner (as a co-host, which will allow them to access scheduled text reminders on your behalf) and the members of your wedding party. This will allow everyone who is at the “front row” of your wedding to get acquainted with each other first because really, they’ll be the ones planning most of the pre-wedding events and activities. 

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Here’s a sample text for your wedding party!

“Thank you for being part of our wedding party! Check out our Guestie event so you can meet each other before the guests arrive!”

You can begin to invite your guests, pretty much any time after that point. If you haven’t yet sent out your invitations, be sure to include information about forthcoming details in the welcome message of your Guestie event, or on your message board! Once your guests are all in your Guestie event, they’ll be fully informed and ready to make connections with your other wedding guests! 

Here’s a sample text we love using to invite your guests!

“We can’t wait to celebrate with you! It’s more fun when everyone knows each other, so check out our event on Guestie to meet your fellow party people!”

Once everyone is in your Guestie event, you can send them a text alert reminder to play the name game. Super fun and helps them get better acquainted with each other before the big day arrives!

“Hey friends! Tried your luck at the name game yet? Get on a first-name basis with everyone here and get ready to celebrate at our wedding!”

Build Excitement as The Host

Want your guests to arrive at your wedding excited and ready to have an amazing time and an experience they won’t soon forget? Remember, you are the host on your wedding day! Building excitement before is a great way to pull them in! 

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This can be done by asking for their feedback, like this!

“Hi! The dance floor will be lit. What songs do you want to hear? Submit your requests on our Guestie event!”

Or, by teasing surprise entertainment or even games that you’ll be having at your wedding. 

“Hey everyone! We have a special surprise for all of our guests around 9 pm, you’ll want to be inside so you don’t miss out!”

“This wedding is for kids of all ages! There’ll be some fun games set up on the lawn, try not to get too competitive!”

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Remember those moving parts, timelines, and locations we mentioned? Keeping everything running as smoothly as possible while everyone is having the time of their lives, involves some “information coordination”

Is the location for your cocktail hour in a spot that your guests might not find easily? A quick text reminder can keep them informed.

“Now that we’ve said I do, spritzers and small bites will be served on the rooftop! Can’t wait to see you at dinner!”

Wedding Exit Ideas, Wedding Send-off Ideas, Confetti Wedding Exit, Guestie
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Coordinating an epic wedding day exit or send-off? We love this sample text!

“Head to the front lawn for the wedding exit, you’ll see buckets of sparklers”

Are you offering your guests shuttle transportation for your multi-location wedding day? Text alerts are the perfect way to make sure everyone arrives at the shuttle on time, no head count required!

“Hi! Please check out the details & map below for shuttle pickup tomorrow at 10:30 am in the Square.”

Sharing Time-Specific details

Some vendors and experiences on your wedding day only occur for a specific period of time. For example, your photo booth will not likely be open for the entirety of your wedding reception. Or, if you’ve decided to have an open bar, but only for the first 2-3 hours of your reception. We’re sure you want your guests to take full advantage of both of these wonderful experiences that you’ve planned for them, but they kind of need to know about the time limits so they don’t miss out!

Partial open bar service usually happens earlier in the evening, which can be when guests are just beginning to mingle while starting to settle into your event for the night. A quick text alert will remind them to savor your signature cocktails before your dinner service.

“Open bar is from 4 pm – 7 pm, try our signature “Bella” cocktails! Yes, we named it after our dog

Are you having a photo booth for 2-3 hours at your reception? Here’s a great text alert to send your guests through your Gueestie event.

“Smile for the camera!” The photo booth will be open in the foyer from 7 pm – 9 pm, stop by and pose with some fun props!”

Updates & Changes

Timeline changes and inclement weather are sometimes inevitable, but they don’t have to ruin your day. Whether a vendor is running behind, you are stuck in traffic between the ceremony and reception location, or there’s been a slight change for whatever reason, your guests are less likely to feel restless and distracted, as long as they know what’s going on!

“Looks like this rain is moving our garden wedding ceremony inside! You can find available seats in the great hall. See you soon!”

“Hi everyone, the parking lot to the left of the church is full, you’ll find accessible, free parking just across the street!”

“Hi and welcome! Tonight‘s dinner time has been updated to 7:30 PM see you then!”

“Hi! So excited for tonight! If you plan to take the shuttle, there is a slight change in the pickup location! Check below for deets!”

“Hi party people! FYI – the after-party venue has changed. See the below details, and we’ll see you there!”

General Reminders

There are definitely a few things that beget repeating when it comes to your wedding day. Are you having an unplugged ceremony? This is one area guests tend to take issue with. Family members like to pull rank with “I’m the aunt/cousin/godmother, I’ll take photos on my cell phone if I want to”! Yikes. A cute sign that blends in with the decor might not cut it if you have headstrong relatives. But a gentle text alert reminder that is sent to everyone, will definitely get the point across.  Oh! And those favors or the candy buffet you meticulously planned and coordinated? How terrible would it be to carry all the leftovers home on your wedding night, knowing that not every one of your guests got to enjoy the favors you left for them? Here are a few text alerts that will help you in either of those situations!

“During the ceremony, we will have professional photo & video so please silence your phones and tuck them away until after the ceremony. Thx!”

“The candy buffet is tucked away in the back corner of the room! Fill up a container for you, your plus one, your co-workers, whoever! Try the champagne gummy bears!”

Text Alerts for Wedding, Guestie, Wedding Day Experience, Wedding Guests
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