The Best Wedding Advice for 2022

Wedding advice for 2022

Looking for wedding advice for 2022? We’ll first let’s look back. 2021 was a year of calibration, new normals and finding ways to prioritize the good stuff of life. 2020 after all showed us how much we need each other and how much we missed socializing. In 2021, we used that renewed sense of what really matters to reconfigure some of the long-held assumptions about weddings and reimagine more meaningful possibilities.

As we enter 2022, which is predicted to be the biggest wedding year in recent history, we can use some of what we learned to empower us through the wedding planning process. Here’s some of the wedding advice from 2021 that should prove helpful to couples no matter the year they plan to marry. 

The Guest Experience Matters  

Many moons ago, it was enough just to get the honor of a wedding invitation. Today, priorities are changing as couples realize how much of a difference engaged, happy, content guests can make to the overall atmosphere of their wedding. Couples are learning to scrutinize their guest list to make sure it makes sense to their needs. They’re also focusing more on ways to get everyone socializing and uniting as one family. Guestie was designed to help connect guests before the big day. Signing up is an easy first step to making the guest experience a priority. Adding in interactive entertainment and creature comforts to the reception celebration as also ways to keep everyone in good spirits.

Good Wedding Advice for 2022 is All About Savoring the Planning Experience 

Some couples have been planning, postponing and rescheduling for literally years. There’s no doubt that’s a stressful scenario, but whether you’re planning for three months or three years, make the most of the planning process — it’s a good, once-in-a-lifetime moment to treasure. The wedding day is going to be a whirlwind of emotions and it will be something you talk about for years to come.  But the planning can be just as fun. Make sure to get pictures through the whole process and include anyone who helps you. Don’t focus so much on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey there. Taking a step back for moments of gratitude can be helpful. Also, approaching the planning process as a team effort that brings the two of you closer can make it an extra-special adventure.

Downsize or Skip the Stuff that Doesn’t Touch Your Soul 

Couldn’t care less about flowers or are you meh about cake? Don’t feel like you need to spend a ton on aspects of the party that don’t really matter to you. Sitting down with a traditional wedding planning guide is an amazing place to start. Get a pen and start crossing off things you don’t want and circle things you do. If the idea of spending thousands of dollars on flowers that will die makes you cringe, opt for silk flowers instead. Changing up traditional food options is another great way to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. If you prefer cupcakes or doughnuts over a traditional cake, go for it. Don’t feel pressured to keep things traditional. This is your day and it should fit your vibe. 

Rules Don’t Matter Anymore

For a long time, weddings had been dominated by rules. Who to invite, what to wear, how to follow etiquette and tradition — it’s been a lot to keep track of. In a post-pandemic world, many of these rules no longer seem important. Not interested in a white dress? Look for something colorful, or even black. You don’t want a big affair? Great! Small, intimate weddings are trending and many planners are now specializing in mini and micro weddings. Use wedding traditions as guidelines that can be a launching off point for your own traditions. 

Feel-Good Weddings 

Your wedding day should be all about you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be about doing some good. Donating your floral arrangements is a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face. Many people every year donate their flowers to nursing homes or children’s hospitals. It has also become popular to ask guests for donations to a charity that is important to the newlyweds instead of gifts. Other couples have found ways to donate extra food to homeless shelters or give their used clothing to another deserving couple. There’s many ways to use your wedding day to make a positive impact and spread the love and joy of your day further. 

Create a Ceremony That’s Special to You

In the past, wedding ceremonies have gotten far less love and attention than the wedding reception party. That’s partly due to the need to cover so many more elements like music, dancing, entertainment and food during the reception. Since the ceremony is far simpler, it can be a second-thought compared to the complexity of the reception. Your ceremony is something extremely special and emotional. And there’s plenty of ways to personalize it. 

Today, there are many more options for creating a ceremony that connects to your values and beliefs. You can skip wedding traditions that don’t serve a purpose for you and your partner, giving more time for the things that do. Personalizing your ceremony is a great way of ensuring that the wedding is a reflection of the newlyweds. Telling the story of how you fell in love is a warm touch that everyone can enjoy. You could create a short movie or have your officiant tell the story. Use your love story to inform decor and food decisions as well. It’s become very popular to have your first date restaurant cater the wedding as well. 

Do What Feels Right

It’s hard to avoid ruffling some feathers when you’re planning a wedding. Many people will offer advice, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it. Decide what’s important to you as a couple and follow your gut. Don’t allow yourself to feel obligated to make others happy. At the end of the day, this is your special day and you have to do what feels right for you! 

Give Your Guestlist a Fresh Perspective

After you’ve nailed down your guest list and start sending out invitations, you may start receiving requests to allow other people to come. You need to decide if that is something you are willing to entertain. If you aren’t, THAT IS OKAY. There are many reasons why people might want a smaller wedding, especially right now. It is absolutely okay to gently decline when people ask to invite distant relatives, boyfriends or best friends. A lot of wedding advice for 2022 is going to focus on trimming down guest lists or finding new ways to include everyone.

Be Generous with Appreciation for Vendors

The last few years have shown us that wedding vendors are amazingly talented, dedicated and innovative. They’ve rolled with guidelines and restriction changes all the while making sure couples got their special day. Making sure to show your gratitude to them is an easy way to ensure that things go smoothly. Being patient, understanding and thankful means they will probably be willing to go above and beyond to deliver the perfect wedding experience. 

In addition to tipping, some couples have even started to make wedding favors for their vendors. This small act of kindness can bring even more joy to your wedding day! Getting to know and trust your vendor can become the beginning of a very close relationship with a team that will be there to help you bring your wedding dream to life.

Don’t Forget this Wedding Advice for 2022: Treasure Your Time Together

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know when we’ll be together again. A wedding ceremony is the perfect time to celebrate just being together. Your wedding day will be something that you look back on throughout the year. Having those you love around you makes it even more special. Weddings don’t happen every day, so use it to celebrate the joy of love and of being together.

The most important piece of wedding advice you’re ever going to get is that your wedding should make you happy. Everything should be about you, your partner and the journey your love has taken you on. In these crazy times we need to live in the moment and focus on ourselves and the supportive people in our lives that we love . There’s no better time to do that than when you’re planning a wedding! 

Wedding advice for 2022 isn’t much different from other years when you really think about it. It’s all about making great memories with the ones you love. Looking for a way to get your wedding guests socializing before the big day. Guestie enhances the party spirit with tools to break the ice, start the mingling and make amazing energy when everyone eventually meets in person. Join today, upload your guest list and get your celebration started.

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