The Best Wedding Music From Ceremony to Reception!

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Ready to have an amazing wedding day experience for you and your guests? You need the best wedding music, ever! We’ve rounded up some of the best song selections for your wedding day in this post. But, we’re also giving you our top tips on hiring a wedding DJ or live wedding band to keep your dance floor packed, all night long!

Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

You probably have a specific vision in mind of what you’d like the dance floor at your wedding reception to look like. Or you could be imagining you and your wedding party making your way into the reception in a really high-energy imaginative way with heaps of fun song selections. Once you’ve made your way into your reception, it’ll be time to share your first dance as newlyweds. You may even want to add parent dances to your timeline, before moving on to any traditions such as a Hora Loca or a money dance.

From there, your dance floor will be officially open for the night. Making all of that happen requires a skilled DJ that can take your ideas and bring them to life! And that means finding the right wedding DJ that can follow a timeline, make smooth transitions, take song requests from your guests (including the ones submitted through your Guestie event), and keep your wedding guests celebrating on the dance floor, for the duration of the night! To do that, you have to know which questions to ask when hiring your wedding DJ, or even how to work with them for add-on services such as lighting or photo booths.

Hiring a Wedding DJ, Tips on Hiring a Wedding DJ, Guestie

For an in-depth list of questions to ask your wedding DJ before officially hiring them, read more in this blog post: Our Top Tips for Hiring a Wedding DJ.

Choosing a Live Band to Play at Your Wedding

Wedding DJs and live bands are both amazing options for great music and a lit dance floor on your wedding day! You might be torn between hiring a DJ or a live band or having both. Over the years, live wedding bands have gained massive popularity for couples who want to focus on the energy of the celebration at their weddings. Unlike other entertainment, a live wedding band adds a special level of excitement and engagement to your guest’s experience.

But, we know there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right band. It might be the first time you’re booking live entertainment, and the process can be a bit overwhelming. So we sat down to talk with the director, vocalist, and guitarist for one of Los Cabos, Mexico’s most in-demand wedding bands, Kilometro. He’s played hundreds of weddings and with all of his experience, he shared his answers to the most common FAQs couples usually have when it comes to hiring a live wedding band!

If you’re thinking about hiring a live band for your wedding,  you can read more in this blog post: Choosing a Live Band to Play at Your Wedding.

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Kicking Off The Vibe Of Your Wedding Day With An Amazing Getting Ready Playlist

Getting wedding day ready is a particularly huge deal! Obviously, it’s the very first portion of your day. It’s also the first portion of your day that will be driven by a timeline. But it’s also the only part of your day that gives you some coveted time alone with your inner circle before your ceremony and the arrival of your other guest. This part of your wedding day was built for fun, but it can also come with a great big bag of nerves.

Nevertheless, there are a few different things that go into making the “getting ready” part of your day feel like absolute magic. From where to get ready, to whether or not to pick up those totally adorbs matching robes for you and your crew, to who brings the champagne, to the playlist you need to shake off the nerves and get the party started, we put it all together, in this post!

Your Wedding Day Getting Ready Playlist, Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day, Guestie
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For more on creating a high-energy wedding day getting-ready experience, we put together: 100 songs for your wedding day getting-ready playlist, in this post!

Songs for Your Walk Down The Aisle

Are you in the process of selecting the music for your wedding ceremony and wondering what songs to walk down the aisle to? Handpicking your own unique wedding ceremony music is another big conversation happening in the wedding industry right now! It’s a fun modern spin on an old wedding day classic. And it takes an otherwise very traditional part of the wedding ceremony and turns it into something you can make all your own. How amazing would it be to hand-pick a song that you love, to walk down the aisle to? That’s right, you have more choices than just the good old standby, the wedding march!

50 Songs to Walk down the Aisle, Processional Music, Guestie
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From who walks down the aisle when, whether or not each member of your wedding party has their own processional song and an epic selection of hand-picked songs, you can read it all here: 50 Amazing Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to on Your Wedding Day.

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Making an Unforgettable Entrance at Your Wedding Reception

The wedding party entrance songs that you choose will set the tone for the experience that you are about to provide your guests! The wedding party’s entrance to your reception is not only an amazing way to kick things off, but it’s also a great way to show off your unique personality, and finally breathe and have some fun now that the wedding planning process is complete and your big day is officially here!

Are you die-hard Star Wars fans? Make an epic entrance at your reception to the Star Wars theme song with lightsabers! Dying to get on the dance floor and shake it off? Set the mood for a lit dance floor by playing Low by Flo Rida, or Telephone by Lady Gaga as part of your wedding party entrance medley of songs! The professional photographer and videographer you hired to capture every cherished moment of your day will be there for your wedding party’s entrance as well. So it’s definitely not the time to hold back in your song selection!

Wedding Party Entrance Songs, Entrance Songs for Wedding, Bridal Party Entrance Songs, Guestie

Want to make your way into your wedding reception in a way that your guests will be talking about all night long? We put together 100 Wedding Party Entrance Songs for a High Vibe Reception, whether your wedding party’s entrance should include props, and if everyone should get their own song or come out in pairs, in this post!

Selecting A Song For Your First Dance

Finding the perfect song for the first dance at your wedding can take some work! Especially if you are looking for that magic, nostalgia-inducing song that you and your partner can dance to together in the kitchen year after year when you celebrate your anniversary! No pressure, right? Classic songs, romantic ballads, songs for high school or college sweethearts, poppin dance songs, and hard-hitting rock selections, your first dance can be whatever you want it to be! Your first dance might seem like a small checklist item to your guests, but it’s a major moment for you. We know how important it is to select a song for your first dance that shows off your unique sense of style, but also one that has meaning for both of you. So we put together a list of 70 first dance song options for your wedding!

First Dance Songs for Wedding, Wedding First Dance, First Dance Song, Guestie

Whether your style is traditional, funky, or totally modern and includes a choreographed dance routine, we want you to have the best first dance experience! Click here to read our post on 70 First Dance Songs for Your Wedding That Are Unique & Fun!

60 Wedding Songs for Parent, Grandparent or Sibling Dances

Shared family dances are one the cornerstones of a wedding reception. Typically occurring once you and your partner have hit the dance floor for the first time! Whether it’s father/daughter, mother/daughter, father/son, mother/son, a unique choreographed routine with your siblings, or an homage to your grandparents.  Family dances are a timeline event at your wedding that usually occurs before the dance floor is open for the evening and your guests are ready to shake it off to the song requests they submitted to your event! Because a special dance with a cherished family member deserves a fab song selection, we rounded up 60 of the most amazing hits for a dance with your parent, grandparent, or siblings. You can find the complete list at this link!

50 Cake Cutting Songs to Play at Your Wedding

Need a selection of amazing cake-cutting songs to play at your wedding? From romantic, to nostalgic, high vibe, and rock hits, we’ve included a little bit of everything in this post! Personally, we love a high-vibe bop to set the tone for an epic cake-cutting moment, but we’ll let you be the judge. We broke down the songs by lyrics, genres, themes, and of course, ways to take this break-out moment at your wedding and up-level it! Click here for the complete list of 50 Cake cutting songs to play at your wedding!

100 Last Dance Wedding Songs to Play at Your Reception

Looking for the perfect last dance song for your wedding? We put together 100 of our absolute favorite last dance songs to close your reception in a big way! In true Guestie fashion, we included a little bit of just about everything! There’s a list of slow songs so can you can squeeze in that last dance of staring deep into each other’s eyes before riding off into the sunset of newlywed bliss.

Last Dance Wedding Songs, Last Dance Wedding, Wedding Dance, Last Song of Night at Wedding, Guestie

Fun disco songs that will have guests of all ages on the dance floor one last time. Pop hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s if you’re looking for a packed dance floor just waiting to erupt in a sing-along. Or, if you’re trying to keep the energy high as you head to your afterparty or pub crawl, we also added a list of modern hits, songs “just for fun”, and songs that rep your hometown! Click here to read our post on 100 Last Dance Songs to Play at Your Reception!

50 High Energy Songs to Play at Your Wedding After Party

Thinking about planning a fabulous wedding after-party? After-parties have become a staple event for full weekend wedding experiences and we are here for it. To keep the party going we rounded up 50 of the best, high-energy vibes-only songs to play at your wedding after party. In this post, you’ll find an epic list of songs to hand over to your DJ, along with all the details you need to make your wedding after-party the most memorable night of your life!

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