The Sweetest Wedding Clips We’ve Seen this Fall

sweet wedding videos

We’re not crying, you are! Ready for some super sweet moments that’ll give you all the wedding feels? We’re here to provide just that. These couples show that you don’t need to follow any rules or stick to anyone else’s wedding traditions. From awesome bridal reveals to breathtaking proposals, get the knives ready, it’s time to chop some onions.

Kisses Don’t Need to Wait for Permission

Did you ever have that moment when your significant other just said the perfect thing and you couldn’t resist leaning in for a kiss? That’s just what this bride did in this video clip from traveling wedding photographer Melissa Shelton. Check it out…

Awwwww…. no need to apologize lady! Go kiss your new hubby. How cute is she?

Wait for it with this Bouquet Toss

Okay, things start out pretty standard here. Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” is playing and you know what that means. Time for all the aforementioned single ladies to gather for the bouquet toss. But wait, the bride pauses…What comes next…

First off, this clips ends way too soon for us. Like did she say yes?? We need about two minutes more of this wedding magic. But seriously, WOW. What a generous bride to allow her guests this memorable moment. You know for sure that was not in anyone’s realm of possibilities. Bravo for this beautiful surprise and keeping it under wraps until the perfect moment.

We Need a Reality Show of this Couple Please

First off… that dress. It is the definition of fierce. This video, captured by Bridges Cinema details the renewing of vows for the tenth anniversary of this special couple. Just listen to their speech to hear what true love and appreciation sound like. Seriously, we need more of these two, like many seasons of a TV reality show please.

“You have made me into the woman that I am today…My strength comes from you.” Try to keep from crying as you listen to that, we dare you. “I am never letting you go.” We can’t.

Giving Us Major Proposal Goals

Okay, this one’s short but oh-so-sweet. Looks like our man here cleared out every florist in town of white roses. Seriously, have you ever seen such a big bouquet? That’s rose petals for days there. Like how did she get home with all of them? We love his go-big approach to proposing, just can’t help but wonder what he has in mind for wedding centerpieces to top this display!

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