The Ultimate Palm Springs Bachelorette Trip

Girl do we have some ideas for you. If you’re planning a Palm Springs bachelorette trip, then you’re going to want to buckle up and settle into a comfy seat, because this is going to be a long ride! We LOVE Palm Springs and have been MANY times, so we’ve got more recommendations than we even know what to do with. So, put your party planning hat on and keep scrolling. 

Where to Stay in Palm Springs:

palm springs bachelorette where to stay

The Pink Cabana | This gorgeous retro hotel is literally everything. We can’t get enough. Gorgeous, high class cocktails, aperitifs, digestifs, a restaurant that serves delicious Mediterranean food with a Moroccan influence, a spa-like pool, and gorgeous luxurious decorations? This spot is all you could ever need. We would actually live here forever if we could. Major Beach Barbie vacation vibes. 

The Parker | The Parker is the epitome of modern luxury. With tons of gorgeous, colorful, rounded furniture, the mid century modern influence is obvious AND appreciated. The Parker is so intentional with how they have decorated every inch of their property that you will feel like you’re on a movie set during your stay. Did someone say Wes Anderson? Because he DEFINITELY had a hand in the design of this place! We’re not kidding. 

Kimpton Rowan | If you’re more of a minimalist and you’re looking for a luxurious, modern, spa-like vibe, then the Kimpton Rowan may be the perfect place for you and your girls to stay. With neutral, calming, modern decorations, this hotel is truly an ethereal desert beauty. Not to mention, by staying here, you’ll be close to everything! The Kimpton Rowan is downtown right next to the Art Museum, Cactus to Clouds Hike, Convention Center, Casino, AND tons of great restaurants!

The Saguaro Palm Springs | This boutique hotel was quite literally made for not only bachelorette parties, but really, parties of all kinds! The Saguaro is that place that you always see in pictures of Palm Springs. You know, the one with the colorful buildings and huge pool? If you’re looking for a super high energy college party vibe, then The Saguaro will give you that same feeling you used to get when you went to your first few college ragers. You’ll always have fun here! And, it’s also near downtown, so everything will be accessible!

Where to Happy Hour:

where to happy hour during your palm springs bachelorette
Terje Sollie

Boozehounds Palm Springs | Yet another gorgeous retro spot in sunny Palm Springs! This adorable restaurant, bar combo has stunning art deco touches that transport you back to the time of flappers and make you feel like you’re in an F Scott Fitzgearald novel–minus all of the drama, of course. If you’re looking for options, Boozehounds has it all. Their extensive cocktail menu will have something for everyone!

Tac/Quila | Itching for some delicious, gourmet mexican food? Then head on over to Tac/Quila! They prioritize sourcing quality ingredients, making their customers happy, and presentation, so you’ll genuinely have to try to be disappointed. The ambiance is unmatched and you can truly taste the soul of Mexico in their dishes and cocktails!

Del Ray | If you’re looking for a more intimate, cozy, high end spot to grab cocktails and appetizers before dinner, you’ve got to head to Del Ray. But, don’t forget to make reservations because we aren’t kidding when we say this place is popular! Del Ray also has a gorgeous art deco interior design style; however, the atmosphere is a bit more sophisticated and muted than Boozehounds! 

Where to Party At Night 

concert with fire works for palm spring bachelorette
Rahul Pandit

The Village Pub | Get ready to party if you’re considering going to The Village pub! This pub is the epitome of Palm Springs nightlife. Perfect for bachelorette groups looking to meet new friends and drink until the sun comes up! Their bright ambiance will keep you energized and ready for your next cocktail!

Toucans Tiki Lounge | Located right next door to Boozehouds, the Toucan Tiki Lounge would be a great way to end your night! If you’re looking for drag shows, live music, or an overall good time, this is the spot for you! They have a welcoming staff, refreshing cocktails, and amazing cabaret talet, so you truly can’t go wrong!

Copa Night Club | Neon lights, palm trees, glow sticks, live music, and refreshing cocktails are all included in a night at the Copa Night Club! If you’re nostalgic for your rave days, then you’ll want to prioritize stopping here! Put on your most edgy, coachella-esque outfit, paint your face on, grab a couple of glow sticks, and hit the club! We promise, if you’re here to party, you’ll have a great time. 

Where to Eat

restaurant from above
Dmitry Zvolskiy

Workshop Kitchen & Bar | This super trendy restaurant will straight up have you feeling like you stepped into the future. Their modern interior and immaculate presentation is almost as impressive as the taste of their dishes! Perfect for clean eaters and groups trying to cleanse their souls from a night of drinking!

Birba Palm Springs | Birba has such a cute patio and their food is great for a casual dinner before grabbing some drinks! They’ve got it all–from pizza, to salads, pasta, and delicious cocktails, everyone will find something they love on the menu!

Farm | Farm is a delicious French restaurant owned by the same couple that opened Tac/Quila! So, if you checked out Taq/Quila and loved it, you should plan to eat here as well! Farm is perfect if your guests are feeling indecisive, because they offer a fixed dinner menu with an appetizer, palette cleanser, and entree! They also have delicious signature cocktails!

The Pantry at Holiday House | The Holiday House’s Pantry is a great place to stop for lunch on a warm day not only because they have a yummy lunch menu, but also because they have a pool! And get this, they also have a pool menu! So you can dine poolside. Sounds dreamy, right?

Chef Tanya’s Kitchen | For all of our plant based pals! Chef Tanya’s Kitchen serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food. Their menu is EXTENSIVE and they also serve drinks, so if you were worried that you may not be able to satisfy a craving as a vegan or vegetarian on this bach trip, we promise you will! Just head on over to Chef Tanya’s Kitchen!

Something Else to Do

pool with palm trees
Boonkong Boonpeng

Ace Hotel and Swim Club | If you’re staying at an AirBnB or a hotel without a pool in the warm months, chances are you’re going to get pretty hot. You’ll want to find a place to take a dip and cool off, so we suggest the Ace Hotel and Swim Club! Being there really feels like being in the middle of the desert at a gorgeous oasis, so do yourself a favor and make plans to visit. 

Counter Reformation | Located within the Parker Hotel, Counter Reformation is a speakeasy lounge and wine bar. If you’re an aspiring sommelier, we highly recommend paying them a visit. And if you’re not that into wine but want to give it another shot, Counter Reformation will 100% be able to convert you. 

Wow okay that was a LOT! We told you we had a ton of suggestions! Palm Springs feels like home away from home, so we feel obligated to help you make your Palm Springs Bachelorette trip amazing. No bad suggestions here, we promise! 

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