The Wedding Guest Book Is So Yesterday

Alright y’all I’m here to give you the tea on why you SHOULDN’T utilize a traditional Wedding Guest Book. Strap in and get ready to have your mind blown because I promise, this is some major news. 

The Wedding Guest Book Is Dated & Impractical

Okay, so the wedding guest book is an incredibly dated practice. We’re in modern times now, loves. Let’s act like it, shall we? There’s no reason to bring a centuries-old tradition into your beautiful, modern, wedding celebration. Much less a tradition that most guests won’t even participate in. 

pink wedding guest book with heart on table at wedding

Yes, you heard us right. Statistics show that most wedding guests won’t even BOTHER signing the wedding guest book. I mean, think about it. How many times have you gone to a wedding and totally glossed over the guest book, not even giving it a second glance? Probably many many times. 

Imagine this: You buy a wedding guest book, bring it to the wedding, and hope that guests will write you sweet, sentimental notes. The wedding ends, you get back from your honeymoon excited to finger through the pages and read your guest’s kind, encouraging words, only to find one full page of signatures and 90 blank pages full of…well, nothing. How disappointing does that sound?

If you’re super disappointed with this tea and can’t let go of the wedding guest book tradition, say less. We’ve got the perfect alternative. And, it’s much more practical. 

The Online Guest Experience You’ve Been Waiting For: Guestie

So we know why guests aren’t paying any mind to your traditional wedding guest book, right? Because they’re inconvenient and they’re inaccessible. They’re only available for your guests to sign AT the wedding. And to be completely honest, signing a book is probably the LAST thing on their mind when they’re celebrating two people they absolutely adore who are tying the knot! And honestly, we think that’s for the best. 

wedding guest book alternative so your wedding guests can party
Photo by Cleyder Duque

Ideally, there would be a way to keep guests from being distracted at the ceremony by having to take time to find and sign your guest book while also giving them the opportunity, perhaps afterwards, to still share their words of encouragement and favorite memories from the ceremony. Sounds perfect, right? Would you believe us if we told you that we have already made this wedding guest book alternative a reality?

If you said no, you’re wrong. Because we DID do that. 

Guestie is an easily accessible online platform that we have created! It not only allows your guests to leave you sweet messages both leading up to AND following the wedding, but it will also help you have the MOST fun, memorable wedding that any of your guests have ever attended. 

Sounds like more than your average wedding guest book, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

With Guestie, your guests will also be able to get to know each other before the ceremony with features like our Guest Tags & the Name Game. These features help make family out of strangers before they ever even get the chance to meet in person. Your guests will be able to skip ALL of the awkward small talk and get straight to the celebrating and partying! 

wedding ceremony bride and groom kissing surrounded by wedding guests
Photo by Jonathan Borba

What are Guest Tags? This feature allows you, the couple-to-be, to lump guests together based on common interests, sides of the family, locations, and more! So now, Aunt Sally and your Fiancée’s best friend Ralph will both know that they share a common interest–knitting, the Dodgers, or even bird watching–before they meet in person. They’ll be able to skip the small talk and hop straight into a fun conversation about the best yarn, the last game, or their favorite bird call immediately! BOOM instant bond–party time!

What is the Name Game? The Name Game is a matching game in which your guests are able to match faces to names so they know who everyone is before stepping foot in the venue. It will help them avoid those awkward introductions and allow them to greet each other like old pals and get to dancing!

That’s not all you can do with Guestie though! You thought we were finished? Not even close–it just keeps getting better. There is also a major perk for you, my lovely engaged couple. Aside from being a more convenient wedding guest book, of course–but we’ve already covered that. 

With Guestie, the Bride and Groom can send automated text messages and alerts to ALL guests without having to worry about sending a MILLION individual messages. Running late? Change of venue due to rain? Bridesmaid lost her purse? Going to a different restaurant for the rehearsal dinner? Just type your message into our Text Alerts feature and everyone will receive a notification. 

Wedding guests and bride and groom at end of wedding celebrating with spraklers
Photo by Анна Хазова

Want to Learn More About Guestie?

Soooo yeah, Guestie is pretty amazing! Learn more about Guestie or test our demo event to see how it works behind the scenes!

Take a leap into the future and say goodbye to dated, disappointing, traditional wedding guest books with Guestie!

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We’ll see you at the altar! 

Lots of love. 

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