6 Things You’ll Need More Time for at Your Wedding

We all know how it is – one moment you’re planning your wedding, which is 3 months away, and the next, you’re jet-setting off on your honeymoon. Where did the time go?! We’re sure this comes as no surprise to you, but your wedding day will fly by. Whenever we ask recent brides what they wish they had planned for on their wedding day, they always say they wish they had more time! Obviously, there are certain time constraints on your wedding day that can’t be avoided, like your venue’s closing time or your bartender’s last call. For that reason, we want to give you some ideas for things you may not have thought of planning time for, but will wish you had! So, here are 6 things you’ll need more time for at your wedding.

The Dance Floor

brightly lit dance floor at wedding
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Raise your hand if you remember going to homecoming, and how much fun it was to be on the dance floor with all your closest friends? Well, your wedding dance floor is basically that– but better. So, add dancing onto the list of things you’ll need more time for at your wedding.

You’re obviously going to need more than 90 minutes to bust a move with your besties! So, plan for at least 3 hours of dancing to give yourself some wiggle room. Especially since everyone will want to chat with you throughout the night–with less allotted time, you might not find yourself with a whole lot of opportunities to dance. So, if it’s a priority, be sure to give yourself a good dancing window!

Cocktail Hour

things you'll need more time for at your wedding: Cocktail hour - a bunch of colorful cocktails with straws
Photo by Tom Pumford

You might not know this, but one of the most popular times for the wedding couple to take photos is during your wedding cocktail hour! While everyone is mingling, your photographer will probably grab you for some intimate moments & family photos. We love every second of that! But don’t miss out on cocktail hour just because you’re taking photos! It’s YOUR wedding, so if you want to do cocktails with your guests, plan a longer cocktail hour because it’s one of the things you’ll need more time for at your wedding! We recommend between 60-90 minutes, to give your photographer plenty of time for photos! 

Visiting with Guests

bride and groom visiting with guests
Photo by Soner Görkem

Honestly, you probably won’t be able to connect with each of your guests on your wedding day. Besides a quick hello and a squeeze, you’ll probably be rushing around with bridal duties all day long. We know that your guests are in town to see you. So, if they’re planning to arrive a few days early, or stay a few days after the wedding, make a plan to see them! We promise, it doesn’t have to be an all-day ordeal, just something short like breakfast, a walk, or a coffee meet-up. That way, you’re maximizing your time with them and creating special memories together! Love that! 

Bonus tip: Some of your guests may only know you and your partner coming into the wedding ceremony. For them, not being able to spend any time with you may sound super intimidating. To connect both of your sides and social circles, celebrate with Guestie! Guestie is a digital party starter that will acquaint all of your guests before your wedding. That way, even the guests that didn’t know anyone else beforehand will feel like they are part of the family!

Thanking Everyone

Bride and groom giving than you speech at wedding reception
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While you don’t need to plan a ton of extra time to thank everyone, make sure you show your gratitude! It’s a nice gesture for you or your partner to take the mic, even if you’re not fully comfortable with public speaking! A brief “thank you” to everyone who came, as well as all the vendors, will go a long way. No Oscars speeches please and thank you! Out of our entire list of things you’ll need more time for at your wedding, making time to thank guests and vendors is the easiest to incorporate because it take the least time! And, it will make everyone feel appreciated, so don’t forget this one!

Getting Ready

bride with bridesmaids before the wedding
 Photo by Chris Ainsworth

Nothing is worse than feeling rushed while you’re getting ready, and that’s especially true on your wedding day! If you know that you and your girls are the type to take your time, gossip about all the latest tea, and enjoy the getting-ready process, then plan for it! Yes, it’s true, this might mean you have to wake up extra early, but we promise it’s worth it! Plus, if you get your photographer there to capture those memories– the vibes will be immaculate! There’s nothing quite as sweet as having a ton of adorable bridal suite photos to look back on after your honeymoon. 

The After Party

pool party as wedding afterparty
 Photo by Kindel Media

Can we share one of our wedding planning secrets with you? One of the best ways to keep the wedding energy popping after your ceremony and reception is to have a plan for an after party! It’s the perfect way to cap off an amazing day and enjoy some more laughs with your crew. After parties typically have an impromptu feel and may be as simple as going to a local bar. To help spread the word about where people are heading, Guestie’s Text Alerts and Message Board will allow you to give your people a heads up. If you’re all staying at a nearby hotel, you can also host an “after party” at the hotel pool the next day! Of course, we want to let everyone sleep off those hangovers, so don’t plan anything too early!

Remember, your wedding day will go by quickly, so try to enjoy every moment of it as much as you can. And if you’re really interested in having more time at your wedding, why not consider extending the party a little longer and making your wedding a multi-day event? Food for thought!

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, check out our top tier wedding planning tips on the blog. Looking for something to add to your wedding inspo board? Check us out on Pinterest. Want to see what we’re doing on a regular basis? Follow us on Instagram here. Best of luck with the planning!

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