Thinking About a La Hora Loca for Your Wedding? Read This First!

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Thinking about having a La Hora Loca for your wedding? Read this first!

Maybe you’ve already attended a wedding or event where the hosts surprised you with a Hora Loca. If that’s the case then you were probably astonished and entertained at the sudden arrival of Stilt Walkers, LED Robots, Feathered Carnivale Dancers, and masked performers! Maybe they grabbed you by the arm and pulled you up to the dance floor. Suddenly you found your senses ignited. Maybe it was under the flurry of a smoke machine, a confetti cannon, or so much glowing light that you wondered if you were transported to another event!!

Loosely translated a La Hora Loca is Spanish for “the crazy hour”. And it is an amazingly fun, high-energy way to surprise and delight your guests during your wedding reception! The thing about your wedding day experience is that your experience is your guest’s experience. So if you spend your day having the time of your life, so will your guests! And what better way to give your guests an experience they won’t soon forget than by having a Hora Loca?!

If you’ve had the excitement of experiencing one of these parties within a party, then you know how intoxicating and transforming it can be for any event! You’d also know that the hosts were focused on making sure their guests had an amazing time & an unforgettable experience. Now imagine bringing that same level of energy to your wedding day! 

You might be in the thick of planning your own wedding and searching for ways to provide your guest with an amazing experience that they will be talking about for years. If your focus is creating a wedding day atmosphere full of a massive amount of partying, you might be wondering if planning a Hora Loca is the right for your event!

Here’s what you should know! 

I’m not sure if my venue will allow a La Hora Loca

Your wedding venue may prohibit the use of items like confetti cannons, fog guns, or glitter tosses during your wedding reception. Fair warning, these are all very popular items during a La Hora Loca! Absolutely check with your venue first to see what restrictions may apply. You don’t want to risk losing your venue deposit or being charged an additional clean-up fee for using these items without knowledge.

But, fear not, even if your venue prohibits the use of all or a few of these items, you can absolutely still have a high-energy, dance floor pulsing, Hora Loca! Be sure to communicate any of your venue’s restrictions with your performers ahead of time. Hora Loca performers are skilled at entertaining guests! They pride themselves on energizing your wedding reception and giving your guests an hour of partying that they will never forget. They will be able to work around any restrictions imposed by your venue without you or your guests even noticing!

Do I Need to Provide Props for my Hora Loca?

A quick Google search of La Hora Loca will produce images of wedding day guests on the dance floor wearing mardi gras beads & masks while holding glowing thunder sticks, or shaking maracas. You might be wondering if you need to provide these props yourself or if your performers will provide them. Before you book your entertainment for the night, check to see if they provide these items in their package. PS: these props are a great way to get your guests out of their seats and in party mode!

Your performers will more than likely supply these items. But you may also want to have a few of these props on hand for your guests to hit the dance floor with before your Hora Loca. If that’s the case then it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few props of your own. Your wedding planner or day-of-coordinator can set the props up on a table in advance. This will allow your guests to get the party started as soon as they are ready to hit the dance floor!

Plan Your Hora Loca for the Optimal Time

If you’ve never experienced a La Hora Loca, it usually starts off with the sound of a horn or siren filling the air. Then, the lights drop and the performers usher their way into your wedding reception. From there the music will surge! Your guest’s senses will suddenly be invigorated by the spectacled display happening all around them. With the entire mood of your reception instantly transformed, you might be curious to know the best time to plan your Hora Loca on your wedding day. Typically, a Hora Loca will happen a little later in your wedding reception. You’ll want to plan it at a time when the formalities of your wedding day have passed. The toasts have been made, the cake has been cut and the special parent dances have already happened.

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The optimal time for your Hora Loca is when your wedding celebration has just started to hit full swing. Once the formalities of your day have disappeared and your guests are ready to hit the dance floor! You’ll want to schedule your Hora Loca towards the end of the night. But not within the final hour before the end of your reception. After the “crazy hour” your guests will be full of energy and invigorated. Meaning they’ll probably want to keep the partying going and stay on the dance floor a little while longer. Your Hora Loca will add a surge of party adrenaline to your guests. Your Hora Loca will need to be scheduled at least two hours prior to the end of your event. Or, conversely, at least an hour before your late-night bites arrive!

I will have children at my wedding is a La Hora Loca family-friendly?

The short answer is, yes! Your entertainers are family-friendly and can delight children of all ages! However, it will undoubtedly be very noisy and vibrant, and shock the senses at first sound & sight. And that may be something to consider for your younger and older guests alike. But, at the same point, your Hora Loca will take place a little later on in the evening. So it’s also possible that most of your guests with young children, and maybe even some of your older guests will have already made their way home. If you are working with a day-of wedding coordinator, you should have them alert guests with small children in advance. It wouldn’t hurt to let them know that the atmosphere of your reception will be changing. This will allow them time to prepare for the grand entrance and enjoy the entertainment!

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