Thinking About Eloping Now & Having Your Big Wedding Later? Read This!

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Thinking about eloping now and having your big wedding day later on? We are totally obsessed with this idea that’s hot in the wedding industry and we’ll tell you why! Basically, the wedding industry rotated backward on its axis post-2020 and savy couples are shifting their focus when planning their weddings. They view their wedding day as the experience of a lifetime, not only for themselves but for their guests too. And if you can have this big exciting celebration once with your partner, why not do it twice with an elopement AND a big wedding? We say hell yes, go for it. But you might be on the fence as to the ‘why‘. So we are here to give you all the reasons you should green light eloping now and still enjoying your big wedding later on. Because you can totally have your cake and eat it too!

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The Wait is Over

One massive reason to elope now and have your big wedding later? You don’t have to wait to tie the knot with the love of your life. You can take off on a Tuesday afternoon, and whether you hop a plane to Vegas or head to your local courthouse, your vows will be official and you can be pronounced in a matter of hours. There is no extended wait to finally be married and call it official.

Get the Jitters Out of the Way

Wedding day jitters are super real, no matter how excited you are about your big wedding day. Being fully dressed and making your way down the aisle to the love of your life while the eyes of 200 guests are firmly fixed on you is enough to give anyone major nerves. Having your elopement ceremony ahead of time (whether it’s legal or not) is the perfect way to nix those jitters altogether. Because, by the time your day comes, you’ll pretty much be a pro at getting married!

The Elopement is Just For The Two of You

You and your fiance want to stay true to who you are when it comes to your wedding. But you feel like an intimate ceremony AND a big wedding are both really you. But your elopement is just for you. There’s no barrage of differing opinions to consider, and there are barely any guest considerations to make. Your elopement can be a beach ceremony. But your big wedding can be a traditional church ceremony with a reception to follow. Your elopement can be a fun drive-thru Vegas ceremony. But your big wedding can be a formal garden ceremony with all of your wedding party and guests in attendance. With your elopement can totally let loose and go with the idea that is the most fun and exciting experience. Because after all, it’s about you and your partner!

Your Budget is Limited

Another sticking point for eloping now and having a big wedding, later on, might be your limited budget. Whether you are still saving for the actual big day. Or your budget is your budget with no wiggle room and you know you want the majority of it to go exclusively towards a massively fun reception! Eloping now and having a reception later now will allow you to nix the formalities of a big ceremony. This means you can put your budget to use for your reception package. The number of hours in your photography package will be reduced, you will no longer need an officiant or chair rentals or additional bouquets or wedding party attire or decor… you get the idea.

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Get Rid of the Wedding Planning Blues

Have you ever heard of the wedding planning blues? It’s a thing, seriously! It typically happens after the wedding day is said and done. You’ve been planning for so long, you’ve been looking forward to your big day for what seems like forever and suddenly it’s come and gone in the blink of an eye. There’s no more anticipation, build-up, or the excitement of looking forward to the big day. That’s the wedding planning blues, and it happens to so many couples who find themselves saying they wish they could do it again! Eloping now and having your big wedding later lets you stay in that bubble, just a little bit longer. It lets you get married minus the wedding day blues because you still have your reception and your guests to look forward to!

It’s the Best of Both Worlds

Eloping now and having your big wedding day later, allows you to celebrate the best of both worlds. You get to have your intimate handwritten vow ceremony now and your very formal, meticulously planned wedding ceremony later. Your elopement can be a wild ride of fun with shots at the altar and a pub crawl to follow. While your big wedding later can be one where grandma gets to walk down the aisle as your flower girl and your favorite verse is read at the altar.

There Are No Rules

Remember what we said about staying true to who you are when eloping? There are zero rules when it comes to elopements, like none at all. You can hire a wedding photographer or have a friend take photos on their iPhone. The attire for your elopement can be the same outfit you plan to wear for your big wedding or it can be jeans, a ripped tee shirt, and a denim jacket. You can carry flowers or wear boutonnieres, or you can forget the flowers altogether. Sunglasses and bare feet on the beach are allowed during your elopement, and so are flower crowns, and designer stilettos.

If you want to elope in a jean jacket and a short and flirty wedding dress like Kiera Knightley’s recycled dress moment, you can. If you want to wear sunglasses and your Chuck Taylor’s, you can. There’s no color palette or Pinterest board or wedding planner. It’s just you, your partner, and those you decide to have with you during your elopement. That’s it. It’s a moment for both of you that is free of pressure, big decisions, and budget considerations. 

Now that you’ve made it to the end, are you convinced that you should elope now and have your big wedding later?

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