Tips for Finding the Perfect Spring Wedding Venue

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Looking for an amazing Spring Wedding Venue?

Your wedding date is not officially secured until your venue is booked! Making your venue the first stop when booking your wedding vendors. Also making it a highly important choice to create an unforgettable wedding day experience. Deciding on a wedding venue is also kind of a huge decision when you think about it. Your venue will set the stage not only for you but also for the experience of your guests.

It’ll be the location of your first dance, your dinner seating, your photo booth, any entertainment you have for the evening, and the location where all of your guests finally get to meet each other face-to-face after being digitally introduced through your Guestie event. And, more often than not, your venue will also be your caterer, bar, and baker. So, knowing what to look for when you’re searching for a spring wedding venue is an important step in creating an unforgettable wedding day experience!

whether you’re just browsing online or you’re ready for a walk-through, we’ll give you a few pointers on what to look for when you’re searching for the perfect venue for your spring wedding. And, we’ve included a few of our favorite spring wedding venues across the U.S.!

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Natural Light

Heaps and heaps of natural light are practically an item on the list of requirements for a spring wedding venue! A wedding venue that has the ability to produce amazing natural light is a gorgeous choice for pulling out all the spring vibes. And, bonus, for enhancing your wedding day photos!

If you want that flood of natural light on your spring wedding day, you’ll be looking for a reception space that has tons of windows, floor to ceilings windows if you can find them! Or, a reception space with a glass ceiling. Hello greenhouses, and conservatories! A reception space with super high ceilings is also great for letting in that stream of magical natural light. And, if none of the above are available at venues in your area, a gorgeous white tent will do the trick during the day, and come nightfall you can light it up with rows and rows of twinkle lights!!

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Spring Wedding Venues we love, that are radiating all of the amazing natural light!

Chicago | Green House Loft

Floor-to-ceiling windows, with 16’ high ceilings, Green House Loft in Chicago calls itself an outdoor skygarden. Your wedding day at The Green House Loft in Chicago comes with the use of their loft space, outdoor garden, and art gallery space. This stunning light-filled venue can accommodate up to 175 guests and they allow their couples use of the event space from noon to midnight! Amazing right!?

New York City | 620 Loft & Garden

Located in Rockefeller Center, 620 Loft & Garden is a NYC wedding venue that provides a unique spin (with epic views!) for a quintessential New York Wedding day. The loft is a manicured rooftop garden that is practically on top of St. Patricks Cathedral. How iconic is that!? Needless to say, the views are epic. A wedding day at 620 Loft & Garden can serve up to 165 guests. If you want to have a rooftop ceremony at 620 Loft but an indoor reception with heaps more guests, you can book the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center which accommodates up to 250 guests for dinner and dancing.

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Indoor/Outdoor Options

The amazing thing about hosting your wedding in spring is that you have the opportunity to mix your reception with indoor AND outdoor elements. A venue that has the ability to host your ceremony outside and your reception inside is a great way to take advantage of the season. What about a wedding day where your guests enjoy signature cocktails and a carving station outside on the patio or veranda before moving inside for dinner & dancing?

Want to keep the indoor/outdoor option open to your guests all night? Talk to your venue about the availability of standing outdoor heaters for nightfall when the air gets cooler. If your venue does not offer them as part of your wedding package, check what their limitations are on hiring an outside rental vendor to provide them. Keeping that outside space open for the duration of your wedding day is a great way to provide your guests with a break-out area for conversations and connections!

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Gorgeous spring wedding venues with indoor/outdoor options!

Seattle | Fireseed Catering

Technically, this majestic venue is just outside Seattle with a prime location on Whidbey Island. With flower & vegetable gardens in a landscape of a sea of greenery, it easily gives off an outdoorsy Seattle wedding vibe. Fireseed Catering combines indoor/outdoor options for its couples with wedding ceremonies that overlook the water and receptions inside the walls of its 6,000+ event barn. Fireseed Catering also offers couples and their guest’s farm-to-table catering, and homemade desserts. All in a tranquil venue practically bursting with PNW charm.

Phoenix | Venue at the Grove

With an Orchard full of pecan trees, Venue at the Grove is minutes away from Downtown Phoenix. Venue at the Grove provides a spring wedding escape from the Arizona desert with its lush flowers, towering trees, and twinkle lights everywhere. Can you picture the pinkish-orange Arizona sunsetting behind you as you say I do to the love of your life? We love that for you! Venue at the grove has indoor and outdoor reception options. They can accommodate up to 225 guests outside or 140 guests inside with french doors that open up to a view of the grove. Those already on-property twinkle lights we mentioned? Over 40,000 of them will illuminate your wedding day when the event staff flips the switch at nightfall!

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The Grounds

A spring wedding venue that can double as the location for your wedding portrait location is an absolute must! First, it will save you the hassle of running from the ceremony to portraits to reception. Secondly, it will pull the charm of the season into your wedding photos. Many private venues (think estates, manors, historic home sites!) will have well-maintained grounds and gardens.

Sweeping grounds of lush greenery with the facade of your wedding venue in the backdrop? Amazing! You’ll be looking for a venue that provides their couples (and the guests!) with access to the grounds and gardens on their wedding day. But, if you love details just as much as us, you’ll also be looking for lush gardens full of hidden pathways and promenades, gorgeous geometric shrubs and stone benches, flower beds, rose gardens, trellis’, and pergolas! Or, all of the above, please!

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Spring Wedding Venues with gorgeous grounds that you’ll fall in love with!

Napa Valley | Carneros Resort and Spa

Vineyards in the countryside, and a resort environment with private cottages on the grounds, Carneros Resort and Spa sounds almost too good to be true! With Carneros Resort and Spa, you have the option of an indoor reception and an outdoor ceremony overlooking the rolling hills of Napa Valley. The interior reception seating is all white everything with sprawling windows to take in the views while you dine with your guests. But, with 9 different locations throughout their property to choose from, you get to decide which space works best to bring your dream spring wedding venue to life! All we’re saying is that its beautifully landscaped paths, flower gardens, and stone fireplace, sound like the height of sophistication for a spring wedding!

Colorado Springs | Hillside Gardens & Event Center

Hillside Gardens & Event Center has been family owned and operated for the last 20 years. It’s a gorgeously lush space filled with 4 acres of gardens filled to the brim with blooms and bursting with personality. The gorgeous gardens aren’t the only view! Hillside Gardens & Event Center also has a prime location that includes panoramic views of the Front Range and Pikes Peak! This stunning venue has multiple locations throughout its grounds to accommodate intimate wedding days and weddings with large-scale guest lists.

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Interior Decor & Color Scheme

Looking at a wedding venue that is strictly indoor only? Finding an amazing indoor wedding venue for your spring wedding will require some pretty amazing interior design. Those other venues with loud carpets and mirrors everywhere, those are not for you, our experience-seeking friend! However, there are plenty of ways to go about finding the right indoor venue for your spring wedding. One that feels airy and invigorated! A bright white space is always a winner to reflect light. Bright white looks amazing with pastels, greenery, and yes, more white! Want to create a more romantic feel with less “all-white everything”? Think about a barn or farm venue with crazy high ceilings that feels like the “great smokies” and fill it with draped greenery and heaps of lush delicately colored floral garland! You need a blank space venue where your wedding day moodboard can come to life!

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Spring wedding venues with fab interiors!

Nashville | 14TENN

14TENN in Nashville is such a unique phenomenon of a wedding venue. It’s a farmhouse space made modern with white walls and ceilings, herringbone wood flooring, and lights everywhere! 14TENN is also pet friendly. So if you want your furbaby to be your flower dog or your ring bearer, you’re in luck! It’s also pretty much a “blank canvas” wedding venue. So the sky is the limit when it comes to infusing your own unique spring wedding decor & color palette into your day! There’s also a gorgeous patio that ropes around from the front entrance to the side of the venue, which is accessible to your guests by “garage doors”.

Fort Worth | Hidden Gardens Venue

What you’ll get with Hidden Gardens Venue in Fort Worth Texas is a private home built in 1932 turned wedding and event venue. You’ll also be surrounded by quaint gardens, fountains, stone-lined pathways, and 6 acres of private woodlands. All in all, creating a wedding day dripping with spring charm. Hidden Gardens comfortably accommodates up to 150 guests. Additionally, they provide their couples with a ceremony site, a wedding day getting ready suite and access to the balcony and patio. A spring wedding in Texas in a laidback environment with gorgeous scenery in every corner? Yes, please!

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Old World Charm

Love the look and feel of perfectly manicured gardens at Italian Villas that overlook the rolling hills of Tuscany, or the quiet waters of Lake Como? Venues that mimic the feel of old-world European charm exist in the US. But, it’ll take some browsing to find one that fits your spring wedding day vision! Aside from finger-numbing Googling, it’s just as important to book a venue tour! Walking through a venue will give you a better feel for the experience it can provide you with. Photos online only do so much for evoking the experience of a venue. But walking through their grounds will give you better insight as to what your wedding day will feel like.

Finding Spring Wedding Venue, Spring Wedding, Spring Wedding Venue, Guestie

Spring Wedding Venues that exude old-world charm!

Miami | Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

In one turn, you can escape the lively vibrant streets of Miami and step into another world. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a stunning venue on the shores of Biscayne Bay that encompass everything you could dream up for a spring wedding venue with old-world charm. Gorgeously manicured geometric gardens, fountains, reflection pools, views of the sea, stone architecture, and sweeping stairways. This venue truly has a touch of European charm, in a city location.

Philadelphia |  Fairmount Park Horticulture Center

There’s something about Philadelphia that’s very old world, high society, days of the Gilded age when it comes to planning a center city wedding. Most, if not all of Philadelphia wedding venues have a rich history, and with that, their own stories of days past. The same can be said for Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. It’s a ​​modern exhibition hall meets greenhouse on the site of the former Horticultural Hall and the 1876 Centennial Exposition building. And yes, it’s as illustrious as it sounds! Lush ripe greenery, in a glass-enclosed greenhouse with garden displays and a reflection pool!

At Guestie, we love helping our couples create wedding days that are a “vibe”! Now that we’ve shared our top tips on finding the perfect Spring Wedding Venue, have a look at our 100 wedding party entrance songs for a high-vibe reception!

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