Top 18 Destination Wedding Locations in the US

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Looking for amazing destination wedding locations, no passport required, right in the US? We rounded up 18 amazing locations in the US where you’ll find everything from desert landscapes to snow-capped mountains, to white sands, and more!

Keep reading for our 18 favorite destination wedding locations in the US!

1) Asheville, North Carolina

If you have friends and family up and down the east coast, Asheville is a fab meeting point to plan your destination wedding in the US!! The relaxed boho vibe of the city will be a welcoming getaway for your guests. The mountain air, insanely unique places to stay (we linked some of our favorites below!), craft breweries, and outdoor activities make Asheville an amazing destination to say I do

2) Big Sky, Montana

Want epic mountain views for your wedding with a country vibe to it? You’ll find it in Big Sky, Montana. Montana is a fabulous place to consider when looking at destination wedding locations in the US. We love the log cabins, skiing, and downhill mountain biking trails the city has to offer. The town is just southeast of Yellowstone Nationa Park. So you & your guest will never come up short when looking for adventurous activities! Big Sky has all the charm and beauty of Telluride, without the hefty price tag. It should be on your list of maybes if what you’re dreaming of is a rustic outdoorsy destination wedding!

  • Why We Love It: Rustic charm
  • What To Look For: Winter is prime ski season and will be full of tourists & locals
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Buck’s T-4 Lodge

3) Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Trails, creeks, and ranches, Jackson Hole maintains its Western pioneering charm of settlers arriving in covered wagons, to views of the Grand Tetons. You absolutely can hold your wedding ceremony at Grand Teton National Park. But be mindful that there is a very specific application & permit process to follow. Is it worth it? Absolutely, 100%! Jackson Hole also has some of the most gorgeous family-owned ranches and mountain resorts. You’d think with such a picturesque landscape that country clubs would be low on the list of wedding venues. However, even their country clubs have epic views! So you really can’t go wrong, no matter where in Jackson Hole you decide to plan your wedding!

  • Why We Love It: Old Western spirit with views of the Great Tetons
  • What To Look For: Year-round ski resorts with epic views
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Snow King Resort

4) Key Largo, Florida

Looking to have a destination wedding in the US at a luxurious elegant resort, but with a no-shoes required type of vibe? You’ll find a gorgeous venue, pretty much anywhere in Key Largo, that fits the description. Key Largo is a little closer to the mainland as opposed to Key West. Making it easy to access for any of your guests flying into Miami International. White sands will line your walk to the aisle, and you’ll get a stunning backdrop of the gorgeous blue-green waters of the Atlantic while you wed the love of your life!

  • Why We Love It: No shoes required, access to water sports, and many wedding venues are pet friendly!
  • What To Look For: Venues with ceremony spaces in the sand overlooking the sea
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Cheeca Lodge & Spa

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5) Las Vegas, Nevada

The favorite city for celebrities looking for a super quick wedding ceremony, undetected by the paparazzi. Vegas is a vibe, an energy, and a world all of its own. Vegas is so often looked at as the “it” place to elope, but you can plan a great big full-scale wedding in Vegas just the same! Hosting a destination wedding in Vegas is a fab choice for couples coming in from Cali. Or for couples coming in from all over the US hoping to have an adults-only wedding.

  • Why We Love It: Up all night energy, celebrity sightings, proximity to the Grand Canyon
  • What To Look For: A fun chapel where you can have a “practice” ceremony ahead of your big wedding
  • Our Top Venue Pick: The Water Grill

6) Manhattan

New York is the City that never sleeps! As bustling and fast-paced as it is, there are parts of NYC that have maintained the city’s rich history. It’s the place to plan a destination wedding with backdrops of towering buildings in the skyline and that feeling of being the only two people in the center of the world! Dreaming of saying I do at the famed St. Patrick’s Cathedral? You’ll have to be a member of the church, and select a wedding date at least one year in advance! Or, you can choose from any other of the city’s iconic locations to plan your unforgettable wedding day.

  • Why We Love It: The deli food, the Broadway shows, the skyline views
  • What To Look For: Ask your photographer about wedding portraits in Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Our Top Venue Pick: The New York Public Library

7) Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

There’s something so old-world society about getting married in New England, isn’t there? Massachusetts was the first state to legalize LGBTQ weddings back in 2004. Their ability to embrace love in all forms with a sailboat and a black-tie wedding earns them a spot on our list, making Martha’s Vineyard one of the best locations in the US to plan a destination wedding! Martha’s Vineyard has the distinct ability to host black tie, cocktail, or semi-formal weddings, and we love them all!

  • Why We Love It: Views of the bay and delicious fresh seafood
  • What To Look For: Non-hotel wedding venues like yacht clubs & marinas
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Edgartown Yacht Club

8) Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the most popular destinations in the US to get married and travel to for a honeymoon. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling to Maui, it’s not hard to see what makes it so popular. The ocean views are unmatched, the scenery is unforgettable, and the vibe is laid back. Hawaii’s climate is literal perfection year-round, making it a great escape for a destination wedding during the winter months!

  • Why We Love It: Its a slice of paradise!
  • What To Look For: Look out for the wind! Maui can get particularly windy, make sure to take any precautions with attire, hair, makeup, decor, and set-up, by talking with your wedding pros
  • Our Top Venue Pick: South Maui Gardens

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9) Miami, Florida

One of the few places in the US where the sun shines year-round and the palm trees sway in the breeze! You can plan an outdoor wedding in Miami, pretty much any month of the year. But stay away from the summer months because the heat can be brutal. Miami is for the romantics and the brides who want to wear a gown with shear paneling. It’s for couples who want to spend their visit by the beach during the day, and enjoy the nightlife when the sun goes down! It’s a tropical concrete jungle with all the hottest nightlife and the best Cuban food you will ever taste!

  • Why We Love It: The energy & entertainment in Miami are unmatched.
  • What To Look For: Boutique hotels with access to the beach & fab pool parties!
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Villa Woodbine

10) Napa Valley, California

Epic views of sweeping vineyards will make you feel like you ran off to Tuscany to get married! Napa Valley is the premier destination for all things wineries in the US. Thinking about a destination wedding in Napa, at a winery? There are only 5 wineries in Napa legally authorized to host weddings. Otherwise, you can look for a venue in the equally gorgeous area of Sonoma. We broke down the ins and outs of planning a distinctly elegant wedding in Napa in this post!

  • Why We Love It: Unforgettable sunset views & the best wine!
  • What To Look For: Venue packages that include your own private label of wine for each table at your reception
  • Our Top Venue Pick: V. Sattuti Winery

11) New Orleans, Louisiana

If you dream of having a jazz band play you out of your wedding and into your afterparty in a second line (parasol required), New Orleans is written all over your heart! If Nashville is the home of country music, then New Orleans birthed the era of jazz. The French Quarter, the Creole cuisine, and the vibrance of the city, all make it an amazing choice to host a destination wedding in the US!

  • Why We Love It: The energy, the music, the art, the people!
  • What To Look For: Beignets make a great alternative to wedding cake for a destination wedding in New Orleans!
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Latrobe’s on Royal

12) Nashville, Tennessee

Looking for an amazing city to plan your destination wedding in the US that has its own culture of food, music, and art? Nashville ranks high on the list! Home to country music, Honky Tonks, and street murals, Nashville is a fun place to round up your friends and family to watch you say I do! Many of Nashville’s wedding venues blend just the right touch of southern charm with modern-day vibes, and delicious fusion eats. We love Nashville so much, we broke out the best 15 Chic & Modern Nashville Wedding Venues, in this post.

  • Why We Love It: Live music every night of the week!
  • What To Look For: Proximity to Broadway for a rockin’ afterparty that consists of checking out the local Honky Tonks
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

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13) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia seems like an unexpected place to plan a destination wedding, but our couples living in NYC with family in the Northeast will totally get it! You might want to avoid planning a wedding in the city for a multitude of reasons. Suddenly, you find yourself staring at a map when Philadelphia calls your name! Philadelphia was once the center of old-world high society. Since then, mansions, estates, and villas have been transformed into modern-day wedding venues. Couples with extensive guest lists invite their family and friends from all corners of the Northeast (and the world) to their unforgettable wedding near Center City!

  • Why We Love It: Old word vibes with modern-day amenities
  • What To Look For: Historic Venues with all-inclusive packages & exclusive use of their venue
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Water Works by Cescaphe

14) Savannah, Georgia

Southern charm wrapped up in timeless elegance earns Savannah GA a spot on our list of destination wedding locations in the US. Manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages, and antebellum architecture make Savannah one of the most visited cities in the South. It’s also Georgia’s oldest and first establish city. Who can resist the opportunity to host their rehearsal dinner aboard a riverboat? Enticing, isn’t it?

  • Why We Love It: Oak trees, Spanish moss, and backgrounds that the Low Country is known for
  • What To Look For: This is more like what to not look for. Be mindful of Savannah’s history when choosing your wedding venue. This will help you avoid Plantations, Mansions, Estate Homes, and Mills that have a deep history of slave labor.
  • Our Top Venue Pick: The Mackey House [The venue has war history, but was never been used as plantation land]

15) Scottsdale, Arizona

Dry heat, clear skies, mountain views, and cacti’! A wedding in the desert landscape paired with luxury resorts, high-end shopping, and golf courses in Scottsdale will have your guests jumping for joy when the invitation for your destination wedding lands in their mailbox. We love an outdoor ceremony with picturesque views followed by an outdoor reception glittering with cafe lights. Can you picture the desert’s night sky at your reception? It’s magical!

  • Why We Love It: The views & the impeccable weather
  • What To Look For: Nighttime hot air balloon tour for a post-wedding celebration
  • Our Top Venue Pick: The Phoenician

16) Seattle, Washington

The PNW ranks high on the list of destination wedding locations in the US! Looking for that gorgeous mountain view with easy access to a super vibey city of small businesses and local coffee shops? Seattle has some of the most epic views of Mount Rainier, coupled with a glimpse of The Space Needle & The Seattle eye. It’s a fab location (and one of the first few states to legalize LGBTQ weddings!)  that invites the gorgeous natural landscape of the area with vibes of the city

  • Why We Love It: Waterviews, mountain views, and city views, all in one!
  • What To Look For: Proximity to a local park for wedding portraits, we love Discovery Park & Olympic Park
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

17) Tahoe, California

Need destination wedding locations in the US that will nourish your adventure-seeking, great outdoors-loving soul? Tahoe will feed your hunger for adventure! It’s for the couple that wants to feel like they ran away from it all while getting married in a cozy luxe cabin with gorgeous views of the Sierra Nevadas. It’s a playground for winter sports and snow-capped mountains. The over 2 million-year-old Lake Tahoe is 99.994% pure and considered cleaner than most commercial water, crazy right? The water is a beautiful, indescribable shade of blue, and the best views of the lake are seen when hiking Emerald Bay.

  • Why We Love It: You can roll your adventurous honeymoon and destination wedding all into one location!
  • What To Look For: Beer brewed from pine trees
  • Our Top Venue Pick: The Hideout at Kirkwood

18) Telluride, Colorado

With majestic snow-capped mountains, fireplaces, ski lifts, and saying I do at 11,000ft, Telluride is a romantic location to gather your friends and family for a magnificently cozy wedding! The night sky in Telluride is draped in a blanket of stars, so be sure to hire a photographer that is seasoned in working with the local climate for dreamy wedding day photos!

  • Why We Love It: Arriving at your wedding in a sleigh or a snowcat!
  • What To Look For:  Double-check transportation and accessibility to elevated ceremony sites so that guests of all ages can attend.
  • Our Top Venue Pick: Palmyra Lookout at Telluride Ski Resort

Those are 18 of our favorite destination wedding locations in the US! If you need even more wedding planning inspiration while you’re here, check out some of the recent trending topics on our blog!

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