Try Not to Cry Watching These 10 Wedding Proposal Moments

wedding proposal

There’s just something about a wedding proposal that can melt everyone’s heart. The surprise, the joy, the excitement. We love engagements and today we’re celebrating some of our favorites from the ‘Gram. Already engaged? Don’t let the romance stop when they say YES. There’s always a good reason to surprise your special someone. Let these videos be an inspiration for letting someone know you’re head over heels for them.

The Public Proposal

The surprise public proposal is a classic. Look at this crowd going wild. And her face, the disbelief, the head shaking. Let’s just let the happy tears flow.

The Ultimate Backdrop

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Versailles. Does it get more glamorous a setting for a wedding proposal? We think not. 

The Destination Proposal

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Wow, a Santorini vacation and a marriage proposal? No wonder she is in tears. What a gorgeous setting, complete with proposal tent (this seems to be a thing) and backup musicians. Yes, we call it a touchdown for this NFL pro.

The Celebrity Proposal

Look at the look on Celine’s face. Can you imagine getting to show these pics to your future grandkids??? Can’t stop looking at Celine’s amazing expressions.

The Sneaky Proposal

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Imagine sitting down for a cheesed-up caricature and walking away engaged. Props to this groom-to-be for creating a true surprise for his future wife.

The Daredevil Proposal

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If you know how to fly a plane, that’s definitely a talent worth taking full advantage of for your big proposal moment. Aren’t they a cute couple?

The Themed Proposal

The capes, the ring box, the castle backdrop…what a memorable moment. But in addition to all that, what really shines through is the love and emotion of this magic moment.

The Breaking Conventions Proposal

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Who says it needs to be the man who pops the question? This bride-to-be went all out for her man to propose and we can’t get enough of it.

The RomCom Proposal

New York. Rain. Umbrellas. Taxis. We aren’t convinced this isn’t Meg Ryan. Bravo folks, you give us hope for Hollywood happy endings in real life.

The DIY Proposal

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Sunset, sand and surf means it’s time to prop up your cellphone and capture your own magic moment. Her incoherent responses are what engagement dreams are made of.

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