Turn Your Wedding Into the Best Party EVER!

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Imagine this joyous scene: all your wedding guests out on the dance floor at the end of your wedding night, dancing together — one of those moments you wish would never end. 

What if you could start your wedding off with that same energy and connectedness?

That’s just what you can create with Guestie!

Need a Cure for Wedding Guest Stress?

On your wedding day, would you rather spend your time making introductions or dancing the night away? 

Do you worry about an empty dance floor? More silence than laughter at your reception?

Do you wonder if your guestlist — family, friends, colleagues, distant friends, childhood pals — will only talk to who they know and won’t feel comfortable mingling?

No one wants to invest so much time and money on a big day for guests to eat, grab cake, and go.

In just a few clicks, take one of the most important steps to ensuring you and your guests have the fun and relaxed wedding experience of your dreams. 

Answer the Questions Your Wedding Guests are Wondering

“Who is going to be at the wedding?” “Will I know anyone?” “I wonder how many guests will be people I’ve never met?” Introduce your guests to each other in advance, for smooth socializing on your wedding day

How Guestie helps:

  • Easy to browse guest profiles let everyone get to know each other 
  • Guests learn how attendees are connected to each other, you, and your partner
  • You and guests can add photos and enjoy Audio Name Pronunciation for easy intros
  • Guests learn fun details about each other, making wedding day conversations effortless 
  • Message Board keeps everyone connected

The more comfortable your guests are, and the more fun your guests are having, the more enjoyable and memorable your wedding will be for you!

What Kind of Wedding Are You?

Planning An In-Person Wedding? Get the Party Started Today!

You’re probably anxious to introduce friends and family who may have never met each other. Get your guestlist off to the right start! Give everyone attending your big day the ease of online introductions!

Planning a Destination Wedding? Make your entire trip a celebration!

Guestie frees you from the stress of figuring out how to keep all your guests connected and happy during their stay. A wedding day can fly by so quickly, why not build connections now so those precious hours aren’t wasted on basic introductions. With Guestie you and your loved ones can make the entire trip a celebration. Connect everyone before they travel so during their stay, guests will be engaged and entertained, even if you aren’t able to spend every moment with them. Phew, that takes off some of the pressure, right? 

Hosting a virtual wedding?

Your virtual wedding can be extra-special when guests get to know each other before your special day. Planning a future in-person bash? Keep the buzz going for the in-person party to come by creating your Guestie event now. Guests can get to know each other better and you’ll build excitement and momentum for your future celebration. With Guestie you can use the time you have now, while you wait for your in-person party, to build up friendships between your guests, making that day even better.

Your wedding day is just the beginning…  

Your wedding is your first big party as a couple. 

Make guests’ introductions easy and effortless with Guestie.

They’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the years to come — birthdays, graduations, maybe even baby showers — your wedding is just the beginning! 

Connect your guestlist now to make your future celebrations fantastic!

Guestie helps you create a more connected, more personal wedding experience. Sign up now so you and your guests can start the celebration today. All it takes is a quick upload of your guestlist to kickstart the party. Think of Guestie like the pre-game to the wedding of your dreams.   

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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