We Can’t Wait to Experience These 8 Things at Weddings in 2022

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Happy Weddings 2022 style! Oh how we missed them! Thankfully, the pandemic-led wedding drought of 2020 is over. We’re back to celebrating together, albeit safely, with all the necessary precautions in place. 

Of course we can’t predict what the future will hold. But we’re all getting pretty good at staying flexible and finding ways to safely stay connected. Less time alone in the house sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Weddings give us all a great excuse to get together. If we’ve learned anything from lock-down, it’s that these times together are special and should be cherished. If you’re planning a wedding, you’re not only giving yourself a magical day, but all of your guests too.  

In the spirit of celebrating, we’re thinking about all the fun and fabulous parts of weddings that make couples and guests love the experience so much. Here’s to 2022 and it being truly a year of celebrating. Can you think of more wedding elements to look forward to?

In 2022 We’re Headed Back to the Dancefloor

Dancing became one of those little things we didn’t know how much we missed until we couldn’t do it anymore. Sure dancing in your living rooms in your pjs can be fun. But it sure does get old by month 11! 2022 weddings are sure to include lots of music and plenty of dancing. Whether it’s finally getting to dance mask-less at an outdoor wedding or getting in the groove with a personal boy band appearance, we’re looking forward to lots of moving and shaking in the ‘22 wedding seasons.

2022 Wedding Trend: Multiple dance opportunities with live music, from string quartets for slow dances to a techno performance at a special after-party, couples are bringing lots of creativity to the entertainment portion of their wedding day.

No COVID Controversies

Stressing over masks, vaccines cards etc is so 2021. In 2022, we’re looking forward to couples having less stress and more fun planning their wedding day. That means guests taking a role in respecting the wants and needs of the couple and couples being fully empowered to be transparent about those needs. It’s a new year, let’s leave these stumbling blocks to celebrating firmly in the past.

Not Having to Plan a Virtual Wedding

We spend enough time on Teams and Zoom at work these days. Weddings shouldn’t feel like a virtual office happy hour (not that there’s anything wrong with those). Virtual weddings were great when we were all still in lockdown, but in 2022 we’re happy, no, thrilled to be once again seeing loved ones in person. Between outdoor weddings, smaller guest lists and creatively ingenious venue options, couples are finding ways to still stay safe and responsible while keeping the in-person party as part of their wedding day.

Hugging Family at the Wedding (without having to ask)

We can’t wait for the time when we say “Ugh, remember when we had to ask people if it was okay to hug them?” Yeah, we’re really looking forward to when that’s a distant memory and hugs are once again given spontaneously and often. 

2022 Means Dressing Up Again 

Now is the time to move out of sweats and back into heels and dress shoes. Sure those joggers and mocks are comfy, but it’s going to feel so good to get all fancied up and look your best. Since we all took a break from those dressed up styles, now is a great time to reimagine what formal attire looks and feels like. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable in your clothes. Skip the scratchy sequins and strapless dresses that demand constant maintenance and instead take a whole new approach to getting dressy. Comfy heels, jumpsuits and dresses that feel amazing are sure to be the most popular items in 2022.

A Reason to Fancy Up Hair and Nails

Salons closed and offices shut down. We all had good reason to let our hair and nails go during the pandemic. Afterall, who was going to see? But now, we’re going to be photographed at weddings, we’re going out and dressing up. Whether you go for 3-D decals like teddy bear charms and holographic prisms or stay with the neutral trend of mink and nude shades, weddings give us all a great excuse for a little luxurious self-care. 

Fashion Accessories

We didn’t really have a use for jewelry, bags and belts during lockdown, did we? Now’s the time to invest in a classic evening bag or other formal accessory. Shop online and in-person thrift stores to snag some treasures. Whatever you do, shop now. You don’t want to be ready to head out to that fabulous wedding only to realize you don’t have any accessories to match that formal attire. 

We Can’t Wait to Meet New People in 2022

Did you ever have that moment when you were seated next to someone at a wedding you had never met and had an unforgettable time chatting with them? In today’s world, although we’re all connected online, it seems like it’s more challenging to meet new people and strike up conversations. Weddings give us this chance. We’re all there for a wonderful reason, we’re happy and celebrating and we can begin to bond over that magic. Here’s to meeting new people in 2022, we can surely use the additional socializing!

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