This Wedding Photographer Has Must-Read Advice for Every Couple

Wedding Photographer: Hannah Pickle

We love highlighting the amazing talents of wedding photographer and planners. Wedding pros have the BEST advice since they have experienced way more weddings than most of us ever will. Hope you enjoy!

Meet Hannah Pickle, a documentary-style photographer who creates emotion-filled photos by keeping herself in the moment, helping couples relive the feelings of their wedding day.  Based in New Orleans, LA, you’ll see a lot of Big Easy traditions in many of her couples’ weddings. From crawfish boils to second line parades, NOLA makes the perfect setting for jubilant celebrations.

Featured Photographer: Hannah Pickle

Location: New Orleans


Social Media: @hannahpickle 

How long have you been photographing weddings?

For over 10 years! How wild is that?!

What’s your approach to capturing the memories of the day?

I try to control as little as possible. I let the day unfold, and capture what’s happening, so the photos feel both true to the couple and their wedding day. 

After attending so many weddings, what makes some weddings especially fun?

Weddings are especially fun when couples are able to go with the flow. Let go of any expectations, and roll with the punches. The more relaxed and ready to have a good time they are, the guests will feel that, and that totally elevates the party. Let go, and let loose!

What’s your advice to couples for getting better photo memories at their wedding?

Before your wedding day, let your photographer help with your timeline. Lighting is the key to great photos, and the way photographers work with light is different. Let your photographer help you make your timeline to give you the best lighting possible for photos. 

On your wedding day, try not to come with a shot list in mind. Let yourself be completely present. You don’t have to pretend to have your veil put on or pose for any contrived photos because it’s a shot you’re “supposed to do.” Let the day flow, and you’ll end up with photos that capture the memories and stir feelings, instead of being like “oh yeah, I remember posing all day long.”

How would you describe your style?

My style is candid, documentary, and maybe a little quirky and playful. I aim to make my photos reflect who my couples are, so I try to adapt my style to who they are. I like to think my photos say more about them as people than who I am as a photographer.

Best advice to couples: 

Relax. Relax some more. Did it rain? Is the color of the linens not what you expected?  Did the DJ start the wrong song for the first dance? But – are you married? There are things that will go wrong, but at the end of the day, you will be married to your favorite person. That’s all that matters.

Favorite Wedding Moments

Memory #1: I once was shooting portraits of a bride and groom after their ceremony. The bride squeals, and I turn around, and there is someone walking up with a baby goat. At her rehearsal dinner the night before, after having a few drinks, she decided she needed a goat at her wedding. She made a phone call that night, and they actually showed up the next day with said goat! She then carried it around the reception after we did some portraits with it.”

Memory #2: A bride’s father officiated her wedding, and while he was giving some backstory, he explained why he didn’t walk her down the aisle. He said he didn’t own Jaquita, the bride, and he wasn’t giving her away. I loved this because while this can be a sweet and sentimental moment for a lot of people, for Jaquita, it wasn’t. I love that Jaquita stayed true to herself and made her wedding her own without forcing any traditions. At the same wedding, Jaquita’s groom danced down the aisle to International Players Anthem by UGK/Outkast. I love the fun twist they put on the processional.

Craziest Wedding Memory:

I once shot a wedding in Greece, and they started handing out stacks of plates to all the guests on the dance floor. In my mind, I was like “is what I think is happening really about to happen?” And sure enough, everyone started throwing plates on the floor while the couple danced on the broken shards. 

What’s the best way for couples to get in touch with you?

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