Weddings Are Back! What Every Couple Needs in ’21

Weddings are back

WOOHOO Weddings are back! Okay, we know we’re not yet back to 2019-level normal, but 2021 has given us hope that parties can safely begin happening again. Currently 55% of US adults have gotten a COVID vaccine and that number will only continue to rise. 

The CDC recently eased its guidelines for outdoor events, giving the go-ahead that it’s now safe for vaccinated folks to gather in groups WITHOUT MASKS outside. That’s awesome news for all those upcoming summer outdoor weddings. In fact, it’s thrilling news for so many engaged couples who either postponed a wedding, put off the large celebration side of their nuptials or are newly engaged. 

What Will Wedding Parties Look Like in 2021 and Beyond?

The last 15 months have been challenging — full of social isolation, virtual gatherings, and growing accustomed to socially distant, masked conversations. With all of us being locked down for over a year, that’s going to present some unique social challenges for weddings in the coming months. 

Imagine suddenly thrown into a wedding celebration in full swing. How do you feel? A bit overwhelmed? A little out of practice in the whole socializing with other humans thing? We get it! 

Add to that, how will we feel around people we’ve never met? Will we be as willing to just walk up to someone we never met and strike up a conversation?

At weddings there’s a whole unique set of challenges unlike smaller get-togethers. There’s people coming from different parts of the country, that may be handling COVID differently. There are your different social circles that might have had different experiences and have never met before. Bringing everyone together is always a challenge. But now, given how socially out of practice we all are, it’s even more important to address. 

Weddings are back in 2021!
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Smooth the Transition to Epic Socializing

Yep, people are a little out of practice when it comes to their socializing game these days. Good thing Guestie is here. It’s the digital party starter designed to help your guests go from awkward strangers to friends looking forward to celebrating together.

What’s that mean for you, the wedding couple? Way more fun. Lots more celebrating. And an electric, festive vibe that’s full of love, excitement and togetherness. Guestie was designed to get people conversing, dancing together, taking away “sides” and “tables,” and bringing everyone together as new and old friends.  

Post-pandemic, even the rare wedding where everyone knows everyone could benefit from a little pre-game mingling, wouldn’t you say?

How does Guestie help make your wedding better? You’ll be giving guests the chance to get to know each other virtually before your big day. Guestie breaks the ice, so the fleeting hours of your wedding aren’t wasted on awkward intros and small talk about the weather. Knowing something about each other gives your guests the launch pad for awesome conversations, meaningful moments, and genuinely fun interactions. Don’t these things sound long overdue?! With Guestie, no one is left being the random guest at the edge of the room anymore. 

Get to Know the Faces Behind the Masks

How do you introduce people to each other when everyone is behind a mask? For weddings that are indoors and may still need to ask guests to stay masked up, Guestie is a must-have essential for making socializing a breeze. Guestie gives your guests the opportunity to get to know the faces behind the masks. Your Guestie event gallery lets attendees see photos of each guest, making it that much easier to get to know faces and names before they meet in person.

Don’t let the pandemic take anything away from your wedding and it being the most magical day you’ve waited for. Signing up for Guestie is easy and add your guest list in just a click. From there it’s just a few steps to having a guest gallery full of all your loved ones smiling faces. You’ll be helping everyone get to know the faces and the stories behind the masks. This is your chance to create your new joined community. Sometimes that can feel like a tall order. But with the right tools like Guestie to help the process along, your community will effortlessly come together. 

Yeah, we’re in weird times and everyone is just trying to do their best to navigate through. Your love is special and the pandemic doesn’t need to take anything away from this being your moment. Your wedding should be the most magical day, just like you imagined. Guestie can help you take away some of these obstacles, for the celebration you’ve always wanted.

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What Couples Need to Remember Post-Pandemic

Despite a bit of post-pandemic jitters, couples can take comfort in remembering a few important realities of their wedding. No matter the circumstances, your guests are showing up to celebrate you! Your family and friends want to be there and they want you both to have the time of your lives. For those attending, they want to be in the room with you, they want to socialize with fellow guests. Guestie helps them do just that! Sign up now, it’s the easy way to get your celebration started today!

Guestie helps you create a more connected, more personal wedding experience. Sign up now so you and your guests can start the celebration today. All it takes is a quick upload of your guestlist to kickstart the party. Think of Guestie like the pre-game to the wedding of your dreams.   

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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