We’re Grateful For Weddings Happening Again

Phew. We sure have been through a lot the last (nearly) two years. For most of us the pandemic meant less hugs, less hanging out and fewer chances to celebrate together. Some milestones and moments we’ll never get back. For those occasions, it’s okay to feel a sense of loss. We should all honor those feelings and never think that we “have nothing to complain about.” Your feelings and experiences matter. 

Fast forward to today and weddings are gloriously back!

These past months have really made us appreciate how important seeing loved ones in person can be. Just being able to give someone we haven’t seen in weeks or months a hug…wow! It certainly makes a difference, doesn’t it? 

We’re thankful to all the wedding professionals

The planners and the venue directors who have done amazing juggling acts and logistical acrobats to accommodate changing rules and restrictions. We’re grateful to families for understanding when guest lists had to be trimmed and weddings postponed. 

And we’re grateful for you amazing couples who have persevered through uncertain times to keep planning and practicing patience to get to your special day. Having the chance to attend a wedding and see friends and family is a really special moment for all of us. We have engaged couples to thank for these times. 

Thinking about all that weddings give us…

The delight in receiving a Save the Date invitation…Toasting a wonderful couple and the chance to experience one of the biggest days of their life with them…Amazing conversations with new friends and old…Having to take my heels off to keep dancing the night away…The glorious smell of wedding flowers surrounding you at a reception table…Signing a guestbook…The taste of wedding cake paired with champagne…Recounting all of the laughs, stories & memories for years to come.

It’s been too long

For all of us to experience all that wedding goodness. But here we are. We made it through. 

With the perspective of how lonely (and boring!) life is without weddings, I think we can all agree, thank goodness it’s time to party once again!



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