What Does Getting Engaged Mean to You?

What does getting engaged mean to you?

Getting engaged…Popping the question…getting down on one knee…saying YES! Wedding proposals and engagements are the things of rom com movie endings, fairy tales and viral videos. They’re supposed to be wondrous, earth-shaking moments of pure joy. The moments we all fantasize about when we think we’ve met “the one.” 

But what does an engagement really mean? Why do we get so excited about them? Just like saying “I do,” saying yes to the question “Will you marry me?” is a pretty big deal. It’s the first official step to having a life together. It takes a relationship from “in the moment” to planning for a long, loving future together. There’s just something to be said for that level of security, comfort and commitment, right?

Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

Getting engaged also means you get to start planning for your wedding day! Whether that’s an elopement, a micro-wedding or a multi-day destination wedding in a far off land, this is an exciting time. You have a wonderful opportunity to bring your loved ones together like no other occasion will. Just think, when else will your friends from college fly in to hang out with your co-workers and cousins AT THE SAME TIME. 

Weddings bring people together like no other party does. Unless it’s really something, you’re probably not going to get that same level of turnout at your housewarming or milestone birthday party. But weddings, people drop everything for, they take flights, book rooms and buy new outfits. 

Being Engaged is A Public Declaration of Love and Commitment

Sure you can have an “in a relationship” status on social media, but there’s nothing like a proposal and engagement to show everyone that this relationship is focused on the long-haul. A proposal doesn’t need to be in the middle of a packed sports stadium or Times Square (although adorable and will never stop making us teary-eyed) to be public. Most engagements have some level of announcement to them, whether that’s a social media post nowadays, a full photoshoot or an engagement party. 

Unlike that first kiss or “I love you,” this is about you and your people. Expect congratulations from everyone! (Along with plenty of unsolicited wedding advice!) The energy of engagement is infectious and people can’t help but be happy for you. So don’t worry if you feel like you’re walking on air for a few days and your phone is blowing up. Savor those days! They go by oh so quickly and it’s a feeling like no other.

Although you may feel the same in your relationship, people will treat you differently. Although marriage doesn’t have the same level of life-changing qualities that it may have a hundred years ago, many people still look at couples that are engaged as more in love and committed compared to who they were just prior to an engagement. Roll with these changes, but don’t feel pressured to give a wedding date or details if you are still deciding. You’re on no one’s timeline but your own!  

The Future Looks Bright

One of the best parts of being engaged is knowing that the two of you are together and planning a future together as a unified team. Although there’s plenty of successful single people, there’s something to be said about knowing you’ll be tackling life’s milestones together, from buying a home to starting a family, all those big life moments are now in the form of a team effort. 

Yes, getting engaged is a special time like no other. But don’t feel overwhelmed by that. And don’t feel pressure to tick off all of the engagement boxes that you’ve witnessed everyone else doing. Ultimately your engagement is about the love you two share. It’s also about the future and wanting that love to keep flowing for many years to come. Sure the photoshoots, announcements, rings and parties are fun, but spending a lifetime together is truly the breathtaking part. 

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