What Should I Remember to Do After My Wedding Day?

What should I do after the wedding?

I just got married, now what should I do after my wedding day?

You’re married! Congratulations! What a special time. You did it! Together, you pulled off the day of your dreams and now you’re in wedded bliss. 

You’re probably anxiously awaiting getting all of your edited photos back. Maybe you just returned from your honeymoon or you’re preparing to jet off in a few weeks. Whatever the case, now is a great time to look back and look ahead to the beautiful new family you created. After all, your wedding brought your two families and friend groups together. That’s something definitely worth savoring. 

Now we’ve got a few tips and reminders for your post-wedding to-do list while you’re feeling the love of newlywed magic. 

If You Just Got Married, Don’t Forget to…

There’s still a few details to remember and the sooner you get to these steps the better. Don’t worry, they’re nothing like pulling off a full wedding celebration and the planning that went into that event. Just a few fun nice things that you’ll want to take care of to keep you and your wedding guests happy.

There’s Still Time for Guests to Sign Your Digital Guestbook

It’s common for guests to be having so much fun that they forget to sign your physical guestbook at the wedding. Good news, they can still put down the words you’ll look back on years from now and treasure. Each note can be so fun to read. Make it an anniversary tradition! Remind your guests there’s still time to add special messages to your Guestie digital guestbook. All they need to do is log in to your Guestie event and post their message. It’s so easy and will give them the chance to think of what they really want to say. P.S. Typing is so much faster than handwriting!

Download Your Digital Guestbook

Don’t forget to download your digital guestbook from your Guestie account. With Guestie Gold, enjoy your personalized keepsake full of all your guests’ photos, messages and memories. There’s plenty you can do with the guestbook once you download it. You can share it with your wedding party over email. Or print it out using an online book printing service so you can see everyone who attended your wedding; and scroll through their lovely notes about how they met you and what they wish for you. You’ll thank yourself years later for signing up and saving this special memento!

Send Thank You’s

We know you probably don’t need any reminders to thank your guests, but it’s still good to block out enough time so those thank you cards don’t get overwhelming. Seek help from your partner and make it a special time. Order in breakfast and write out those cards over mimosas and Belgian waffles. Put on your favorite TV shows to binge watch and enjoy reminiscing about your day, your guests and the lovely gifts they bestowed on you. 

Encourage Guests to Upload their Photos of Your Wedding Day

Everyone will love showing off the photos they took at your wedding. You may even find some amazing gems among their selfies and candid shots. Rather than having to scroll through everyone’s assorted social media feeds to find your photos, we’ve got another idea. Start a message conversation on your Guestie message board. Ask guests to share links to their photos. They can place them all somewhere easy for everyone to access like Google Drive, so it’s just one link for them to share. Super easy and just think of the fun everyone will have looking through all the different photographic perspectives.

The Guestie Effect: Your Fabulous Next Party

If you used Guestie to introduce wedding guests and get connections happening, you’re going to feel the positive effects throughout the parties and gatherings to come. Think about it. How much easier and more fun did the holidays just get, now that your families know each other on a deeper, more real level. We’re talking major relationship game-changer here. When you connect your families together, they want to spend time together. 

With the help of Guestie, independent from you, they form authentic relationships with each other. Imagine how much easier that makes things when people develop their own friendships. Holidays go from obligatory to amazing. Trying to decide how to divide your time between your two families equally can be reimagined into a third option: unified gatherings with everyone together.

Savor Your Memories

Finally, during the first few months after your wedding day, give yourself the time to take a step back and appreciate what you just accomplished. You were able to create memories for you, your significant other, your parents, extended family and friends, that will last a lifetime. You brought people together. Together you both were the catalyst for new bonds and a newly joined family unit. You made the moments that you’ll treasure forever and now it’s time to sit back and soak that feeling in. Congrats!

If you know someone else who is planning a wedding, don’t forget to share Guestie with them. Help your engaged friends create a more connected, fun and personal wedding experience using Guestie. Sign up and watch the friendships between guests blossom. It’s the perfect way to build that pre-wedding excitement to get the party started even before that first wedding dance.

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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