Why Being Single At a Wedding is The Best Thing Ever!

single at wedding

You get the invite and there’s no plus-one included. Or, you just don’t have anyone you’d want to take to a big bash like a wedding. Being single at a wedding is a social experiences that can be as much fun as you make it. For couples planning weddings, there are helpful ways to make your single friends feel included and not alone. Single people, this is your time, take this opportunity to embrace it and enjoy the unique opportunities it holds!

All the Single Ladies…and Gentlemen

First, we’re going to talk to the single folks out there. There are many ways you can make the experience of being single at a wedding fun. Think of the day less as the stress of being solo and more as an opportunity to make new friends. 

First Off, Check Your Expectations at the Door 

Expectations only set us up for disappointment. So the best advice is to go into a wedding with zero of them. That means an open mind and no big hopes and dreams of meeting “the one” during the cake cutting. Yes, couples meet at weddings all the time. But there’s also no guarantee. It’s better to just enjoy the moment than force something to happen. Sure we all want to share in those love endorphins floating around, but try not to force anything.

Weddings Can Be Better Than Online Dating

Online dating involves spending hours scrolling through profiles. Here we’re left trying to decide if someone is ‘right’ based on a bit of text and some easily-edited photos. Dating profiles can be vague, sometimes entirely off-putting, and may not actually show you what the person is like. Maybe his laugh is what captivates you. Or her dance moves, or the kindness they show in helping an elderly wedding guest to the dance floor. Whatever attracts you to a potential partner, it will shine through more clearly when you meet somewhere face to face instead of phone screens. Bonus part: you get to skip past the awkward in-person first meeting when you interact with someone for the first time in person.  

Meeting At a Wedding Is Safer

You trust your friends and relatives to have good taste in who they associate with. This is especially true of who they invite to one of the most important celebrations in their lives. If the cutie you’re checking out is at the wedding, you can rest assured they’ve been considered cool enough to be an invited guest. Meeting new people at a bar or online always comes with a certain amount of risk. You’re more likely to be safe with a partner that’s already gotten approved by someone you trust. 

A Chance to Scope Out Their Moves

Dancing is an activity that dates back to the origins of humanity. Today it’s still an important part of how we celebrate and show love to others. Luckily, almost all weddings are great places to dance! After the traditional first dance and parents’ dances, try and pair up with your crush on the dance floor. You’ll be able to quickly figure out if they’re going to match your energy on the dance floor. On the other hand, if dancing isn’t your thing, you might get lucky and find out that the person you’re checking out also prefers to watch from the sidelines. This is a great way to make sure you’ll both have a good time on nights out in the future! 

How Do They Treat Others? 

The way people interact with each other tells you a lot about them, especially when it comes to people outside their immediate circle. Watch for a while and take in how they treat others. Do they push elderly people or children out of the way? Do they talk down to waitstaff? Or are they kind and courteous to everyone? Remember that the way this person treats others is also how they will treat you, so make sure you don’t put yourself in a situation that will hurt you in the long run. 

Sense of Style

Most weddings have a dress code stated on the invitations, but that doesn’t mean guests will follow them! You may want to be with someone who will match your level of style and sophistication for special events. If you’re in a designer evening gown at a black tie wedding, and he’s in a t-shirt with a tuxedo printed on the front, you may not be compatible in other areas! Or maybe you’ll find that casual cool captivatingly in contrast to your own. Fashion is fun and weddings are a great place to scope everyone’s personal style. 

Be Safe and Smart

Even if this person got a pass from your nearest and dearest, looks amazing, and is tearing it up on the dance floor, it’s still vital for you to take precautions. Weddings usually come with open bars, and a lot of people like to indulge to the extreme. If you’re looking for romance, consider drinking a little less so you still have a clear head for making good decisions. Don’t leave your drinks unattended at any type of event.

And if you decide to leave the party with someone new, make sure you tell a trusted friend your destination. Bonus points if you can give this friend your new flame’s phone number, hotel room, or address. Being willing to give out that info is a good sign that this person is trustworthy. Don’t compromise yourself or your safety for a fling, no matter how good they look! 

Conversation Starters

You want to make an impression when you finally decide to speak to them, so why not go for something a little more interesting than asking what their job is? Look for a compliment as an opening, and make sure it’s something they chose about themselves– their outfit, the way their hair is styled, their dance moves. If they were really enjoying themselves on the dance floor, say something positive, or maybe ask if that’s a favorite song of theirs to dance to. If it’s not, ask what their favorite is, and see if the DJ has it on hand– it would be a great gesture to show them you’re paying attention. 

Making A Connection

The night has gone well and the reception is winding down– now what? You don’t want to lose contact, so make sure you get a way to talk to them after the wedding ends. Rather than scrolling Instagram and hoping they’re tagged in a wedding photo, ask them for their handle; see if they’re open to being Facebook friends, or flat-out ask for the digits. If you’d rather give them the option without pressure, try coming prepared! Before leaving for the wedding, write your name and contact info on a pretty card. As you say goodbye to them, offer it to them– this will put the ball in their court, giving them a chance to contact you first, or simply let things fizzle if they aren’t interested. 

Weddings are a great chance for romance, and not just for the couple tying the knot. Take a chance and put yourself out there– maybe you’ll catch the bouquet and be the next one at the altar! 

Planning a Wedding? Help a Single Person Out

If you’re happily coupled and planning your big day, save a little energy for us single people still looking for that special someone. 

Don’t Forget Your Single Guests in the Planning Process

During the planning process, particularly if you’re not inviting plus-ones, make sure you keep single people engaged in the day. Seat them with a few other single people perhaps, but make sure they’re close to someone they know well. There’s nothing worse than feeling like the lonely outsider at a wedding. 

Make Introductions Before the Big Day 

Pre-wedding intros can help everyone break the ice and connect singles with other people so that on your wedding day, they’ll be ready to celebrate together. Use Guestie to give your single guests a chance to scope out the other single people who will be at your wedding. Use Guestie’s effortless tagging to add a single tag to guest profiles who are actively in the dating pool. This is an awesome way for guests to get a heads up if there’s someone they’re particularly interested in meeting at your wedding (it will also give them a heads up to make sure they look their best!) 

Make Sure Single Guests Have a Buddy

On your wedding day, have someone in your bridal party have a list of your single guests so that they can check up on them and ensure they’re engaged in all of the activities. Invite them to dance, introduce them to people they have things in common with (Guestie tags can also do this for you ahead of your wedding day!)

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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