Why You Need a Wedding Content Creator for Your Special Day

Are you hiring a wedding content creator for your wedding day? As time passes and social media becomes more and more a part of our lives, the need for wedding content creators has exponentially increased! Many brides are opting to hire another set of hands to capture intimate and candid moments that their wedding photographer or videographer may miss. Not only that, wedding content creators can turn around these precious moments and make them social-ready in a fraction of the time it takes to get your wedding photos back. If you want to learn more about what a wedding content creator is or how they make your wedding day even more special, you’re in luck. We recently had the opportunity to get all the juicy details from Maddie Starr, a wedding content creator from Shooting Starr Social, so we’ve officially got all of the answers for you!

Let’s dive in. 

Shooting Starr Social

So, What is a wedding content creator?

Wedding content creators basically serve as paparazzi on your wedding day. They offer a second set of eyes, hands, and have an eye for special moments that may be lost to time otherwise. According to Starr, brides hire wedding content creators to document all of the little moments that your wedding photographer or videographer may miss. They’re by your side from the beginning of your wedding day in the bridal suite up until your after party. Starr explains, “I’m basically your shadow throughout the entire day–getting videos and behind the scenes footage that the bride & groom need to reminisce on their special day in detail.” 

So, wedding content creators act as a camera person for the reality TV show that is your wedding day. They capture the sweet moments you share with your girls in the bridal suites, the hugs from family before the ceremony, the single tear streaming down your dad’s cheek before he walks you down the aisle. And then, they put it all together in a pretty package for you so that you can immediately share content after your wedding. Starr said, “Typically each package comes with at least three reels. So I will edit, add audio, and hand everything over to couples right after their wedding day.”

Shooting Starr Social

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding content creator?

If you’ve never been married, you may not know this, but it takes a long time to get photos and videos back from your wedding photographer and videographer. They have to go through thousands upon thousands of images, narrow the selection down to a few hundred, and then edit everything! So, as excited as you are to get to posting about your beautiful ceremony and gorgeous reception, if you’re relying on your wedding photographer for all of your content, you could be waiting for quite a while. 

With a wedding content creator, you have access to additional content almost immediately after your wedding. Starr says, “ normally people don’t get their photos right away. So I’m able to give you photos from that day that you can post almost immediately.” She also mentions that another benefit of having a wedding content creator is that “with wedding photographers and videographers, you’re getting a highlight reel. With wedding content creators, you’re getting all of the precious, funny moments in between.” So, if you’re looking for more than just a highlight reel from your wedding and you also want access to content quickly (without having to be glued to your phone all night) a wedding content creator could be just what you need!

Maddie Starr
Shooting Starr Social

Should I hire a wedding content creator in place of a photographer or Videographer?

You may be wondering whether you still need to hire a wedding photographer and videographer if you hire a wedding content creator, which is a valid question! According to Starr, it’s smart to still hire a wedding photographer and videographer for your ceremony. The role of a wedding content creator and the deliverables you will receive from your wedding content creator are very different from the deliverables you will receive from your photographer and videographer. Starr informs us, “I’m not giving you professional photos. I’m giving you everything off of my iPhone, so the quality will not match that of a professional photographer or videographer.” So if you’re looking for photos to frame or send to loved ones, that’s where your photographer will come in handy!

On the note of deliverables, we also asked Starr what couples will get from her and when they will receive their final package. Starr said that typically couples will get all of the photos and videos she has taken with her iPhone 13 on their wedding day as well as 3 – 4 fully edited Instagram reels or TikTok videos. The turnaround for these deliverables is just 24 – 48 hours, so if you opt to work with a wedding content creator, you’ll have content from your wedding before you’ve even had time to finish nursing your reception hangover!

Shooting Starr Social

So what does hiring a wedding content creator look like?

Let’s dive into what hiring a wedding content creator may look like for you. Starr gave us all of the details on packages, timeline, typical price, and deliverables. According to Starr, it is best if clients book 6 months in advance. That way, the content creator will have time to plan and arrange any necessary travel. 

Speaking of travel, you may be wondering, “Will a wedding content creator travel for my wedding or should I try to find someone local?” Starr says that some wedding content creators will, in fact, travel for your wedding. If travel is required, the price of hiring your content creator may be a little bit more pricey to account for transportation and accommodations; however, we promise it will be worth it!

That brings us to another relevant point–how much does hiring a wedding content creator typically cost? Fortunately, wedding content creators are a bit more affordable than your typical wedding photographer or videographer. Starr says that for 10 hours of Wedding Day coverage, she will typically charge just $1200! The deliverables for this package include all of the raw files she has captured on her iPhone 13 in a shared album as well as 3-4 prepared reels or TikToks for couples to share on social media. And the best part? You’ll receive everything within 24-48 hours after your wedding day!

So, if you’re looking for additional coverage at your wedding or you would like to have access to memories from your big day sooner rather than later, a wedding content creator may be the perfect addition to your wedding vendor list! If you would like to learn more about wedding content creators or hire Starr yourself, we encourage you to head over to her Instagram to learn more!

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