Your 6 Most Instagrammable Wedding Moments

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What stories will your wedding photos tell about your big day? The design aesthetic and decor you choose set the stage for the mood and overall vibes of your wedding celebration. So go big or go home! May seem like a tall task, but start with our list of backdrops and spaces to go all out on, and brides and grooms-to-be will be saving your grams for years to come. Who doesn’t love an instagrammable wedding?

The Wedding Entrance

Captivate your guests as soon as they arrive at your wedding venue by decking out the entrance with show-stopping decorations! Blow your guests away by installing a floral wall with a wedding hashtag neon sign nestled between the blooms, floral entry archways, or even a decked out floral ceiling! 

instagrammable wedding sign in florals
Photo by @chrisandruth on IG
floral entry archways at instagrammable wedding
Photo by @ktmerry on IG
floral ceiling
Photo by @mpsinghphotography on IG

Captivating Wedding Lighting

Set the mood and spark the celebratory vibes for a memorable night by going ALL out on your wedding lighting! We love big, vintage chandeliers, walls lined with curtains of twinkling lights, and of course, a sparkling light tunnel to lead everyone from the ceremony to the reception!

stunning vintage lighting at instagrammable wedding
Photo by @juliewilhitephotography on IG
curtain lights
Photo by @bethhelmstetter on IG
tunnel of fairy lights
Photo by @pablo_laguia on IG

A Unique Dance Floor

Not only will a unique dance floor encourage guests to take more photos, but it will also encourage guests to dance more! The more unique something is, the more people are drawn to it. So, set the stage for an epic dance party with a raised, LED platform or a custom dance floor that matches the theme of your celebration!

led light up platform dancefloor for instagrammable wedding
Photo by @redvelvetrentals on IG
floral dancefloor and floral ceiling
Photo by @grantdaniels on IG

Your Wedding Bar

How many fun convos and laughs will be had around the bar at your instagrammable wedding?  We highly recommend you consider personalizing this space when building out your wedding designs. Mobile wedding bars are not only super trendy right now, but they also make fantastic photo ops! Tell us you wouldn’t want to get a photo in front of one of the mobile wedding bars below to post on your Instagram? 

mobile bar at wedding
Photo by @kaykroshus on IG
black mobile bar at wedding
Photo by @mackenziealexaphotography on IG

A Head-turning Reception Table

The reception is where the party REALLY gets going, and your glorious tablescapes are the perfect conversation starter as your guests sit down for dinner.  We love long, dramatic reception tables lined with candles, water features with floating flowers nearby, floral garlands surrounding the seating area, and lots and lots of twinkling lights! A gorgeous reception area makes for the perfect instagrammable wedding moment!

reception table with candles
Photo by @davidbastiononi on IG
reception table next to water feature
Photo by @laurynprattes on IG
floral archways leading to reception tent
Photo by @josevilla on IG

Your Ceremony Centerpiece

The wedding altar at your instagrammable wedding will be the focal point for your event. Where the two of you exchange vows and promise to be forever roomies. This is your big moment and there will be countless photos. Honor the moment and create a space that is a beautiful reflection of the two of you. As the centerpiece for your event, don’t hesitate to elaborately decorate this space in your colors and style, creating a space where you feel comfortable and inspired to tie the knot.

floral wedding arbor
Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography
Photo by @pulseproduction on IG
Photo by @allancarrazcophotographer on IG

If you’re looking for more advice on how to make sure your Insta worthy wedding is also tons of fun or which wedding elements you should splurge on, we’ve got tons of great advice on the blog! Want to learn more about our app, Guestie? Check out our features or demo event!

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