Your Destination Wedding Can Become a Fabulous Guest Getaway

destination wedding

There’s so many parts to plan for a destination wedding. You need to figure out all the ceremony and party elements like any other weddings – the food, the flowers, the decorations, the music, PLUS you need to figure out accommodations and make a plan for smooth travels for all your guests. Phew! That’s a whole lot to think about. And don’t forget all the “firsts” that will be happening on this trip!

For some of your guests this may be

  • Their first time at your destination location
  • Their first major trip out of the country
  • The first time meeting you or your fiancé’s family and friends

With all those elements to take care of, it’s easy to forget about the social aspect of your wedding abroad— introducing guests that don’t know each other to one another, getting group activities together, pairing up guests for meals and carpooling. The more social stuff you can handle before leaving for your wedding, the more relaxed and effortless your stay will be. 

You want to enjoy a destination wedding that is stress-free and memorable for you and your partner. That means you don’t want to spend your whole getaway coordinating your guests socializing.  You want your guests to have the time of their lives. They’re most likely taking time away from work and dropping some cash on travel and their stay. So you’re probably feeling like you need to make sure they have fun during their entire stay.

That’s where Guestie comes in to help maximize the fun of your destination wedding. How do we know? It’s actually how our site was born! 

Don’t Forget to Plan Smooth Socializing!

Use Guestie to get the intros out of the way weeks or months before your arrival day. 

How it works:

Guest Gallery

Here’s where your loved ones get to know each other! 

  • You can upload your guest list and invite guests to upload a photo
  • Record their name pronunciation 
  • Answer fun questions like what song they like to dance to and who their favorite sports team is. 
  • There’s also space for you as the guest to explain your connection and give a little background on each guest. 

You can choose to allow guests to “claim” their profile and complete questions themselves or fill everything out without any input from your guests.

Guestie makes all this super easy and streamlined and you can get it set up using your guest list with just a few clicks. Once your loved ones have a chance to read all about their fellow guests, by the time of your wedding, they’ll be ready to mingle and will actually HAVE things to talk about. That will free you up to enjoy your trip, knowing your guests have others toyou socialize with. Your guests can come together right from when they arrive! 

Message Boards

Your Guestie Message Boards makse it easy for guests to chat, get to know each other, and make plans for their stay. How cool is it that your guests will be able to set up carpooling arrangements together, find new friends to sightsee with, and make plans they might not otherwise make. It’s an easy way for everyone to preplan and make the most of their time together. 

Text Updates

You know there are going to be many moving parts to your wedding experience with travel and a new setting involved. Rather than having to text multiple groups or try to spread the word over a bunch of random messages, Guestie gives you an easy way to send updates to all your guests with just a single message. Text updates on time changes, when you’ve arrived, hotel info, weather alerts — all the stuff to make your guests’ experience smooth and uneventful — with no extra hassle for you!

Make Your Destination Wedding More Fun

Guestie was originally designed to make destination weddings feel more connected and keep guests more engaged. That’s why we know you’ll amp up the fun level by using Guestie for your wedding experience. 

Your guests will have fun connecting before the wedding and this will build great excitement and anticipation for the big event. With guests coming from all over the country (and sometimes the globe!) it can be intimidating to try to cram introductions into the hectic time when everyone arrives. With Guestie, you can help them make friends before they get to town!

Then, when everyone arrives at the destination, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re enjoying their time together. You’ll get more time to enjoy the sights and less time spent making awkward introductions to each side of the family and to new and old friends. 

A destination wedding is a challenge. one that takes a ton of planning and logistics for both you and your guests. Break the ice before everyone even arrives with Guestie!

Guestie helps you create a more connected, more personal wedding experience. Sign up now so you and your guests can start the celebration today. All it takes is a quick upload of your guestlist to kickstart the party. Think of Guestie like the pre-game to the wedding of your dreams.   

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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