Your Wedding Made Coastal Grandmother Chic

Coastal Grandmother Chic Wedding, Coastal Wedding, Chic Wedding Guestie

Want to know how to make your wedding coastal grandmother chic? Want to know what “coastal grandmother chic” is? The term itself is new, but the vibe and the aesthetic are not. The term was first used by Tik Tok influencer Lex Nicoleta. However, the style originates from the amazing filmmaker Nancy Meyers. Coastal Grandmother chic is Diane Keaton in “Somethings Gotta Give” and Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated”. But, if you haven’t had the pleasure of daydreaming your life in scenes from either of these movies (aka you just haven’t watched them) we’ll break it down for you!

Coastal Grandmother chic is an aesthetic. It’s natural, clean, uncomplicated, neutral, classic, and crisp. All while appearing elevated and chic. Coastal grandmother chic is an effortless look, that in all reality was put together with effort and a good eye for high-quality fabrics from thoughtful designers. It’s refreshing, uncomplicated, and incredibly sought after. But, we’re not really in the world of fashion. What we do here at Guestie, is weddings! Weddings that are ignited with the energy of the couple planning them, and weddings where “everybody knows your name.” So we thought it would be fun to “Nancy Meyers” your wedding day. Here’s how to make your wedding day vibes coastal grandmother chic!

Coastal Grandmother Chic Wedding, Coastal Wedding, Chic Wedding Guestie


The first thing you should do when planning a coastal grandmother chic wedding day is select your color palette! You are aiming for neutral tones. Ivories, creams, soft camel, beige, and hints of green.  Using this minimalist approach to color will bring, literally everything together! Once your color palette is selected, the next phase of your decor planning process will involve adding in textures with varying materials. In a more literal sense, you’ll be looking for natural rattan chairs to use as accents. Lush comfortable furnishings for your lounge and cocktail hour seating. And plenty of available ivory throws and wraps for your guests to use as the evening gets cooler.

Coastal Grandmother Chic Wedding, Coastal Wedding, Chic Wedding Guestie

Guest Attire

Ok, dictating guest attire outside of black tie tends to be a hot-button issue. But, the entire point of making your wedding day coastal grandmother chic is about the vibe and the experience! If your guests arrive at your wedding in traditional dress attire, they won’t be part of the experience! Also, think about your photos. If you want your wedding photography to perfectly reflect the experience that you’ve elevated to the next level, it won’t be fully represented by guests who are wearing a sea of varying colors. 

Your starting point for attire on the day of your wedding will be your wedding party! Off-white attire for your wedding party might sound a little different, but it’s the selection of attire in that shade that will create a driving force for the rest of your guest’s attire. Wondering how to pull it off? We love linen suits and loafers! For gown choices, you want to stay elegant but understated. That means skipping the sleeveless gowns and instead choosing a ruched one-shoulder dress, or a gown with breezy butterfly sleeves.

Once you have your wedding attire selected, how will you address the attire standards with your guests? It’s always best to communicate the exact perimeters of the expected dress for the day. Should they wear beachside neutrals? Or is it best that they also dress in creamy off-white shades like your wedding party? What about a “white party”? The choice will be yours to make but it will need to be expressed when your invitations are mailed! You can also ask one of the members of your wedding party to take to the message board of your Guestie event to share their favorite inspiration boards or pins to give guests a visual!

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Making your wedding day florals coastal grandmother chic is all about using “greenery” for a playful meets beautiful look. If want to add some florals into the mix we love white flowers. Particularly, ivory roses, gorgeous voluminous peonies, and soft hanging strands of white wisteria! Because the term greenery is kind of a catch-all, it will depend on what your florist has on hand for the season. Eucalyptus, by far is one of our favorites! The shape and length of eucalyptus lend themselves to so many options, not to mention the amazing scent that will waft through the air of your wedding day! By the way, did you know that there are 6 different sage eucalyptus to choose from? Who knew? Silver dollar, true blue, and gum drop are probably the ones you are most familiar with and what comes to mind when you think of eucalyptus. However, there’s also willow, which has longer more delicate leaves. Willow eucalyptus is amazing for your wedding day arbor or to incorporate into fresh floral garland!

Coastal Grandmother Chic Wedding, Coastal Wedding, Chic Wedding Guestie


Feasting made “coastal grandmother chic” is about serving up fresh ingredients in a way that will have your guests believing that the Barefoot Contessa herself is in the back plating up their dinner! One of the most amazing ways to invite your guests into your effortlessly elevated wedding day experience is to serve a delicious farm-to-table feast. Your menu will consist of items that feature fresh-of-the-season ingredients, instead of overly complicated dishes. If you’re having a summer wedding, work with your caterer to create beautiful summer salads topped with stone fruits. For main dishes, you might take a cue from Mediterranean selections and pair citrus notes with your fish course. Or, serve your guests a delicious roast chicken with olives and caper sauce. To pull your guests further into your wedding day experience with your dinner service, serve each table family style! Your family-style dinner service should arrive on beautiful serving dishes that allow the food to be the main focal point.

Coastal Grandmother Chic Wedding, Coastal Wedding, Chic Wedding Guestie


Lighting always plays a really big role in bringing the vibes together at a wedding. But it will be especially crucial for your coastal grandmother chic wedding day! At a typical wedding reception, you’ll find a dance floor filled with neon lights, disco balls, strobes, you name it! But, because your coastal grandmother chic wedding will be more about elevated but understated elegance, you want to go for soft lighting. Soft lighting also creates its own experience, but in a much less obvious way. Can you picture candlelit guests’ tables as the sun sets across the bay behind you? Or, strands of twinkle lights in the open air with a view that disappears beyond the vineyards of your winery wedding venue?

Coastal Grandmother Chic Wedding, Coastal Wedding, Chic Wedding Guestie

Soft lighting will be your energetic match for an effortless, elevated experience at your wedding. You’ll want heaps of taper candles and rows of twinkle lights. Cafe lighting *might* even be too bold but this will entirely depend on the options that your vendor has available. For an indoor reception, you want strands of twinkle lights that create a canopy and gather in the center of the room. Outdoor reception venues look amazing with rows of twinkle lights that are hung al fresco. But if you need to tent your reception to protect against the elements, you can still pull off the same effect!


The final touch for bringing the vibe together for your wedding-made coastal grandmother chic is the music selection!  The selection of music played should be low-key. If you want to start by selecting songs from your favorite Nancy Meyers movies including the Parent Trap and Something’s Gotta Give, then go for it! Otherwise, your cocktail hour playlist should include songs from artists like Van Morrison, Nat King Cole, and the Beatles. Your low-key vibes music will elevate the ambiance of your coastal grandmother wedding!

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