You’re Engaged!…Oh F–K, no weekends are available in 2022!


Getting engaged and announcing your wedding date are two of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life. Major hiccup however, the pandemic has really turned this whole process upside down. The New York Times has stated that 2022 will be the biggest year for weddings in decades. This is mostly because people have been putting off and rescheduling weddings since early 2020. With the biggest wedding boom since the 80’s happening, people are having to get creative with their wedding planning. Many venues are backlogged until 2023 (or later!)  and being flexible in your wedding planning can be the difference between getting the beautiful wedding of your dreams and tearing your hair out. 

If you recently became engaged, you’re probably excited to pin down a date and place for your big day. Since this is such an unusual time, it pays to temper that engaged excitement with a good bit of creativity and patience.

1. Just wait and enjoy being engaged.

For the more recently engaged, or even those who have been engaged since 2020, putting off your wedding just a little longer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is especially true if you have your heart set on a certain venue. Book your venue ASAP, but take your time with the planning process. Rushing into getting married at a venue that you only feel okay about could really put a damper on your wedding. For some people, it’s all about the location, and those people should not compromise. 

Giving yourself more time to plan means that you can invite more people, put a more personal spin on things and really get what you want out of your wedding day.  Waiting also gives people more time to get their affairs in order to attend. Having a wedding date that is a solid year out increases the chances that more people will be able to attend. Picture the chill relaxed planning, taking your time to savor each detail. 

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2. Rethink your venues and consider creative alternatives.

If you are tired of pushing back your wedding date then you might need to get creative with where you have your wedding. Is there a park or landmark that is important to your relationship? Consider calling them up and see if they offer wedding services or venues for parties! Another good place to look is right in your own backyard! Talk to family and friends who have farms or large pieces of property. You may find someone who is willing to let you use their home for free or for a small fee. 

When thinking about alternatives, you should also keep in mind that these places may not have some of the amenities that a traditional wedding venue has. While you may be paying less for the actual venue, you may need to reallocate some of those savings towards chairs, tables and even a generator depending on whether or not you will have access to electricity. When choosing a nontraditional wedding venue, it’s very important to visit the venue and see what they offer and what you may need to provide yourself. Make a list of what you might need and reach out to family and friends for this as well. You might be surprised at the solutions you come up with!

3. Engaged couples remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

Did you know that in this crazy time some Airbnbs are offering wedding services? You could rent this lovely lakefront cabin and have plenty of room for all of your guests. (Just be sure to check-in and get your hosts blessing well beforehand as many short-term rentals are definitely not okay with parties taking place at their houses) 

Airbnb isn’t the only company trying to ease this wedding bottle neck! In recent years companies like Taco Bell, Target and even Ikea have begun to host weddings. This might seem odd at first, but these places usually hold a huge significance for the people getting married there. Sit down with your partner and think about the places in your life that mean a lot. This could be your favorite gym, a music festival or even the place where you had your first date. Many venues like this may be happy to allow you to have a wedding but you will most likely be on your own when it comes to furniture and decorations. Also keep the size of your wedding in mind. These venues might be non-traditional, but it’s a great way to have the wedding you want without pushing it back another year. 

4. Unique options for large weddings exist.

Just because you want to have a large wedding doesn’t mean you don’t have unique options. Many venues capable of holding thousands of people also offer private rentals. Contact your favorite brewery or baseball field if you are interested in an outdoor wedding. Both of these venues usually come with some kind of built in entertainment! You could also contact the owners of warehouse spaces.

You may be able to get a large space very cheap if you are willing to take on more of the decorating. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, renting campsites is a great option. Depending on the time of the year you could get as much space as you need, or even hold the ceremony in the perfect spot of a national park. This is a great option for outdoorsy couples. There are many ordinary places that can make great wedding venues if you’re willing to think out of the box. 

5. Work around peak hours and days.

If you are dead set on a venue that is booked up, you still might have options if you’re willing to be flexible. Approach the venue with an open schedule and they may be able to get you in on a weekday or maybe even in the morning. You could discuss only having your ceremony at the venue and then relocating for the reception. 

Some venues even offer waitlists where they will contact you if there is a cancelation and offer you that slot. The biggest downside to this, however, is that you won’t have a solid timeline. This could make it difficult for your guests to prepare, especially if they have to travel or find a babysitter. However, you can inquire about morning openings, which are often the less booked times on the weekend. Picture a Sunday brunch wedding and the fancy vibe that could create!

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