Best Wedding Advice from Moms to Couples

Mom Wedding Advice

Out of all the people who offer advice to engaged couples, wedding advice from our moms is usually the most treasured. Years of experience, combined with genuine love for the couple, create a sentiment that is genuine, meaningful, and often true. So we asked some moms for a few bits of wedding advice. These timeless words of wisdom often get repeated by many mothers as their grown kids prepare for their wedding day.

Remember, that person providing a comforting, guiding voice doesn’t just have to be one person. And it doesn’t need to be your actual mom either. Get inspired by these pieces of advice as you continue on your wedding journey with your partner. Find a moment to ask your mom, your spouse-to-be’s mom and other important mentors in your life for wedding advice. There may be surprising nuggets of wisdom you didn’t anticipate! 

“Let the planning process make you closer.”

Planning a wedding can be the most stressful part of the actual wedding! Every couple has their own vision for their big day, and sometimes each partner has their own vision, too. As you go through the planning process with your spouse-to-be, remember that the wedding is a celebration of your love for one another.

Find moments of collaboration and compromise; you certainly don’t want your memories of your wedding to include fighting over which china pattern to serve dinner on! Think of all the reasons you and your spouse love each other, be prepared for plenty of give and take and channel your devotion to each other into all parts of the planning process. You’ll notice how much stronger your bond will be later. 

“Remember and appreciate all the people that helped get you to your wedding day”

While weddings are a celebration of the couple’s love, it is rare that they’re possible without the help of other loved ones. As you plan, think about the people who have supported you and your partner through your relationship. Who are the people that shaped who you are today? What people deserve recognition? How can these people be a part of your wedding? Make sure to extend the offer of special roles, like bridesmaids, to the people who will genuinely appreciate being part of your special day. If you’re worried about the size of your bridal party, look into other roles; you may need ushers and assistance with tasks like directing attendees and ensuring things are set up to fit your vision. Make sure you prepare your loved ones for these roles beforehand, rather than the day of.

Don’t forget, you can also share special messages of love and gratitude within your Guestie account. In the Guest Gallery, you’ll find the option to write a special message to each guest. Your wedding day can be so hectic, it’s easy to overlook thanking someone special. But with your Guestie profile, you can make sure all of those messages are shared and do it at your leisure!

“You’re sure to be nervous. It’s a big day in your life. Lean on those close to you for hugs and support.”

Nerves are a totally normal part of weddings! Many people are told that their wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. The pressure can feel immense. Surround yourself with loved ones who will be there for you. Rely on them through your big day. Is there a task you can delegate to a responsible friend so you don’t have to worry about it? Can a sibling step in and handle a situation that might otherwise put more stress on your shoulders? Do you have a sister or cousin that gives really great hugs? These people all love you deeply, and will hopefully be eager to help you out on your big day.

“Don’t forget to have a moment alone together”

So many people spend their entire weddings worrying about everyone else that they lose sight of what’s most important – time with their new spouse. As you schedule out your wedding, make sure you leave a little time for you and your partner to be completely alone. Take a little walk together between the ceremony and reception. Or book a private car to move you from one venue to the other, letting you have a breather from friends and family. Reception first looks are becoming popular for the couple to take in the scene before guests flood the room. Also don’t forget a moment in the evening when your photographer (from a distance!) can capture evening outdoor romance away from the crowds. Whatever approach you take, you will look back on this moment with love and fondness for years to come. 

“Take a moment to look around during your celebration and save that moment in your memory”

You’ll want these memories to last a lifetime. As often as you can, pause and look around, no matter what room you’re in. Take in the smiling faces of the people you and your spouse care about. Remember who laughed with you, who shed joyful tears during the ceremony, who broke out their best moves on the dance floor. The people who matter most to you are there to celebrate with you, and you should try to take in their joy and excitement as much as possible.

Even if you don’t have pictures of these specific moments, they’ll live on in your memory forever. Weddings have the unique distinction of being one of the big milestone events that draw friends and family from near and far. Although you’ll be partying with your people for years to come, your wedding is a special time when everyone of your favorite people is in the same spot at the same time. That’s something worth savoring.

Use these wise words to help you find moments of gratitude and appreciation in the rush of wedding activities. No matter what the setting is – rustic, old Hollywood glam, modern luxury – your wedding is a celebration of love, commitment, and the building of a new life and community, bringing families and friends together. Lean into the people you love and let them help you celebrate the start of something beautiful. 

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