7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special

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When you were dreaming up your perfect wedding, you most likely weren’t considering your guests. That’s perfectly normal! We’re all taught that a wedding is a special day where the couple getting married takes the spotlight! That was the tradition for many, many years. The best guests could hope for was an open bar and some dancing.

Today, couples are appreciating the amazing opportunity that weddings hold for bringing people together. Maybe it’s because it’s harder to get together now more than ever. Weddings remain one of the few milestones that brings generations and all of your social circles together at one time. There’s something magical about those moments, right?

With this appreciation comes a renewed focus on the guest experience. Making sure the day is special for them has a wonderous impact for you, the couple-to-be. Those guests are the people who will cheer you on, who bring the party, pack the dance floor and provide the energy for your special day. They’re what turn getting married into a wedding day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to show guests some love without overcomplicating things. Think simple and considerate! 

1. Be mindful of their time.

One of the most important things you can do for your guests is to make sure they know their time is important. Make sure that you provide a schedule of events. If you are trying to go paperless for your wedding consider posting a schedule on your Guestie message board where only guests will get to see. It’s also appreciated if you stick to that schedule. Do your best and rely on your vendors to help ensure the ceremony starts on time!

Be aware that some guests may not want to stay at your reception venue ’til midnight. Splitting the reception into two parts and offering an after party option for those who want to stay late is the perfect way to honor each person’s time. This is an even better idea if you have guests who are bringing young children. They will appreciate the opportunity to get home without feeling like they’re dipping out early. 

2. Keep wedding guests well fed.

Food is the way to anyone’s heart, right? Your guests will always appreciate a late night snack and a full glass. If you are having some kind of food or drink bar, try to keep it open for the whole reception! This is a great way to make sure everyone gets exactly as much as they want without having to monitor it too closely. 

If you are having a more traditional ‘sit and serve’ dinner then you will want to make sure that some kind of food or drink is being served every two hours. This doesn’t mean they all have to be sit-down courses. Ask your caterer about hand-held appetizers that can be served or handed out quickly. This prevents people from going hungry AND missing out on conversation. Win-win. 

3. Never let things go quiet; play songs your crowd love too.

Try to avoid the dreaded silence! This can be a total buzzkill for you and your guests. If you specifically want a quieter, talking environment then opt for some chillhop or instrumentals. When it’s time to hit the dance floor, try including some guest suggestions into the playlist! Give guests the chance to share their song choices using Guestie’s song suggestion feature. It automatically syncs with your Spotify. How easy is that? Making sure that everyone’s musical tastes are included is a great way to have incredible celebration energy and vibes throughout your big day!

4. Include your wedding guests in your special traditions.

Including inside jokes and family traditions into your wedding is a wonderful way to make the day special for you and your partner. Your guests, however, may just feel left out if they don’t understand what’s happening. If you’re planning on having any special traditions, consider telling your guests about it in the program! 

These kinds of traditions are usually deeply sentimental, and guests will love being able to get in on it. A good example of this is if you’re leaving empty seats in the front row for guests who are unable to be with you. Without explanation it’s just confusing. If you put out a photo with a sign on those chairs or add a note in your program, guests will be able to appreciate the thoughtful gesture. 

5. Be thoughtful of the weather and temperature.

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding or even just having part of your wedding outdoors, you need to consider the weather. Guests are most likely going to be dressed in their best. Providing umbrellas or even ponchos is a great idea, even if rain isn’t in the forecast. If it’s going to be bright and sunny, offer sunscreen. No one wants guests to leave with a sunburn as a souvenir. Also consider shawls for the cold or fans for extreme heat.  For high temperatures make sure fans and ice-cold water are in generous supply.

6. Send them off with take home treats.

What’s better than a sweet treat to enjoy on the way home? Guests are going to enjoy a nice cookie or cupcake, maybe in a favorite flavor of the newlyweds. Popcorn cones have also become a take home staple for weddings. They are great for kids and adults and allow for easy clean up. Of course, you can include any kind of favor you would like, but guests always appreciate something to munch on after a long night of dancing. 

7. Connect wedding guests with each other.

Sure, many of your guests will know others attending your wedding. But there’s always plenty of introductions and breaking the ice that needs to happen too. We all know that we celebrate with more energy when we’re surrounded by people we know. Why not help everyone know everyone on your wedding day. Guestie gives guests the opportunity to break the ice months ahead of time, all conveniently online.

Planning your dream wedding and at the same time making sure your guests feel appreciated is not impossible. You deserve the spotlight on your wedding, but to make it an epic night, think about the friends and family coming to support you. These are just a few easy ideas to make them feel appreciated and make your wedding one for the ages. 

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