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Everyone has a wedding party, even if you don’t have bridesmaids and groomsmen. Regardless of the titles, you have a squad, those handful of people that you absolutely KNOW have your backs. Getting married and hosting a wedding is a lot, with plenty of different moving parts. There’s the emotional and mental side of things and then the logistics and pragmatic planning parts. Whether you have a big or small circle, it’s essential to have a few people you know and trust to help you through. They’ll make your special day that much more stress-free and enjoyable.  

You Don’t Need to Wedding Plan Alone

Maybe you’re the type that likes doing things yourself. We totally get it. It can be hard to give up control to someone else. However, it’s important to remember that your wedding day is a celebration of you. Unlike any other party that you host, this is your time to shine. Relax and soak in all the love and support. So take the help when it’s offered (and we’re sure it will be offered!) 

Identifying your loved ones’ superpowers, those things that they do extra well is essential to getting the help you need. Also, as couples wedding therapist Landis Bejar recommends, always assess who has the best track record for consistently showing up in your life. “Take stock of the people who have shown up and been there, the people that have not let you down. These are the people we want to call upon.” 

Now isn’t a time to set yourself up for disappointment. Don’t expect the friend that always flakes to become responsible and invested because it’s your wedding day. No, just no. Save that leap of faith for your house warming or something. For now, lean on the trustworthy folks. The people you’d call when your car breaks down or trust your first born with. You know who they are, now go recruit them for your wedding support team.  

Who should be in your wedding support line-up you may wonder? Well, we’re glad you asked, because we’ve picked some of our favorite wedding party people to get you inspired. Let’s get the party started: 

Your Wedding Style Advisor

This is the person that’s up on the latest trends and styles. They could probably make a living as a YouTube makeup tutorial expert. You can go to them for clothing advice and they’ll take the task as seriously as choosing a wedding venue. They’re a straight-shooter and will tell you what works and what doesn’t work. And they’ll do it in a supportive way that doesn’t feel judge-y or bossy. Remember, it’s not just your wedding you’ll need clothes for. There’s all the parties leading up to and following your wedding that you’ll want to coordinate with someone you trust.

Your Wedding Gatekeeper

Think of them like your personal bouncer, except they don’t need a competitive bodybuilder physique. What they will need are the skills of a diplomat to maneuver you through last minute questions and requests. They’ll keep family drama from escalating, maybe acting as the shield between feuding parties and making sure to rein in the loose cannons so you don’t have to worry about a thing (you know who we’re talking about). This is the person you’ll want to entrust with your phone on your wedding day to answer any emergency calls or texts from lost or late guests. It’s best to choose someone who already is in the loop on all your family dynamics and is a peacemaker adept at keeping things light, fun and always friendly. (Bonus points if they worked previously in retail or the service industry, because they will have seen it all before) 

Your Wedding Big Sis

Nope, this doesn’t need to be your actual big sister, heck this person doesn’t even need to be related to you. Maybe it’s an aunt or a cousin or an experienced friend. This is the person you can lean on for advice and perspective. They’ll not only offer you truth and wisdom, but do it in a way that makes you feel like everything is going to be totally okay – because it is!  

Your Guestie Host

Maybe there’s that person in your circle who wants to help, but you just really don’t know what task to give them. We’ve got the perfect way to help them to feel included. Put them in charge of your Guestie account. They can help get your guests’ photos onto the guest gallery and monitor message boards for questions. Guestie is designed to be super easy to use, so it won’t take much time. But it’s sure to make someone in your life feel very important, while also taking one more thing off of your plate.

Your Social Media Wedding Photographer

You’ve probably taken care of who your photographer and videographer will be for your big day. But how about putting someone you know in charge of snapping candid shots that can get posted the night of or day after your wedding. Typically it will take your professional photographer a few days to get you back some initial pictures to post. In the meantime, have some fun by giving one or more of your friends free reign to shoot and share photos and video. This is perfect for those aspiring Instagram influencers in your life who might just wow you with the Reels and TikToks they put together about your wedding day. 

Your Relief Network

Sometimes you want to get away from all the wedding planning. At those times, count on a few loved ones who you can zone out and relax with. These don’t need to be people with any special talent other than the ability to make you laugh and chill out. Every couple needs breaks from wedding planning so don’t forget to put these times on your schedule. 

Your After-Party Planner

Many couples are now extending their wedding day to include an after-party. If your wedding planner isn’t covering this part of the festivities, why not recruit a trusted loved one to help out. The after-party is much more straight-forward to plan than your wedding, so they can have fun helping you choose a nearby location and might even have some outrageously fun suggestions for letting loose. Lean on one of your people who loves to dance the night away for this role.

The Friend Who Has F’n Done this All Before

Think about the couples in your life who have already tied the knot. They’ll have priceless advice and insight to give you about your wedding day. They may give you perspective on the things you’ll want to splurge on and the things that just aren’t worth it. They might even give you some ideas you never thought of. A couple that has gone through the wedding planning process and comes out a happily married couple will also most importantly show you that this is all fun. They’ll inspire you to step back and be grateful for each special day leading up to saying “I do.” It all goes by so fast!

Don’t forget, there’s plenty of people that want to help you. By identifying their strong suits and skills, you can take a significant amount of pressure off of yourself. Don’t rob yourself of enjoying your wedding. Use this special time to deepen the bonds with those special people and you’ll go into your wedding day ready to enjoy the results of all you’ve planned and have an absolute blast celebrating. 

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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